Windows 98 to Windows XP on a network

  Thresholder 20:36 30 Jun 2003

I run a 72 machine network in a junior school. We have Windows 2000 server on the server and Windows 98 on all the workstations. Security is achieved by the use of policies at two levels, one for the teachers and one for the children. I use poledit for this. The security is not wonderful and for this plus various other reasons I think it might be time to change to Windows XP. Any advice on where to begin? Do I still use policies? How do I create them? Any advice welcomed!

  Despicable Desperado 21:03 30 Jun 2003

Not an expert but will put my two penneth in. With 2000/XP you will as you say get better security with proper logging into the 2000 server. You also can use real profiling (either local or roaming). Roaming profiles are great as not matter which PC you log onto you will always have your own settings (desktop, etc). Just make sure that everything is installed on the server as any locally installed programs will not be available with roaming profiles unless you are logging onto your local machine (ie the machine on which the program was installed). Believe you can still use policies (although not a 100% sure) but with profiling and login scripts you will be able to tailor things exactly as you want them. Hope this helps a little. Regards DD

  Thresholder 20:15 01 Jul 2003

Many thanks DD all information is valuable.
All our work stations have all the software we use on them. That should work then, yes?

Log in scripts operating at the moment determine the desktop available and the start menu. This continues?

I'm not sure I fully understand the true value of profiles yet.
Thanks again.

  jazzypop 21:06 01 Jul 2003

Remember that only XPpro can log in to a domain server - XPhome can not.

  Psiman 21:20 01 Jul 2003

I offer my advice as a parent and a professional engineer.

Your question is very difficult to answer. Poledit works with win98, but is not ideal. Win XP certainly offers improved security features, especially for Administrators and would certainly suit your needs better.

Now the down side. I don't know your school budget for IT and running 72 clients. Obviously this is paramount from a licence software point of view. You should also bear in mind that it is frequent corporate policy to skip OS generations. With this in mind, Win 2005 (Longhorn) is now not that far away. As I say, it seems to be a budget consideration that only you can assess. Maybe the Board of Governors have an opinion?.....:-)

Personally, I think Win XP will be around for some time to come and it would seem to me as a parent to be a good investment.

Good luck and best regards,

  Thresholder 20:01 03 Jul 2003

Jazzypop - thanks for that, noted.

Psiman, Bill - thanks for all that. I take your point. I run Win2k pro at home and it seemed to be around for only a short while before XP appeared.
Colleagues round about are experiencing difficulties with our educational software not running properly under XP so the probability is that it won't work at all under Longhorn!! The snag is our software does the job we need it to and in most cases we don't want to lose it especially when you consider the out and out rubbish that is being offered by the vast majority of software houses nowadays, which generally consists of a very thin veneer of educational content spread over a pathetically banal, poor quality game. (Did I say that?)
We are blessed for funding at the moment as the government is trying to paper over chasms by throwing money at the problems but the net result in many cases, as far as I can ascertain, is that an enormous amount of money is being wasted!!
I noted the smiley ;-)
Thanks again

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