Windows 98 & Windows XP

  carper 13:22 17 Apr 2003

Can I load my original windows 98 disc into my new computer which has Windows EP Home. Will it affect any of the Windows XP home programmes, and will my Didgetal camera load into the Windows 98 section, which will not load into Windows XP

  Gerrycan 14:32 17 Apr 2003

you cannot downgrade from xp to 98 ,you must remove xp then install 98,if this is what your asking?xp is by far more Superior than 98,so why you wish to remove it for 98 is a mystery to me.

  Gerrycan 14:35 17 Apr 2003

sorry,i meant to carry on by saying " I would be interested in your reasons for wishing to change from XP to 98.
good luck.

  Lozzy 15:05 17 Apr 2003

You can but I don't see why you would want too.. If you really want Win 98 on then partition your HDD and create a dual boot system and put Win 98 on the partition. But as Gerrycan asks Why??

if its only down to your digital camera then get a card reader for it as XP is by far the better OS..

  temp003 08:31 18 Apr 2003

Agree with above.

After you install 98 to a separate partition, the 98 installation will overwrite the XP boot files, and you will not be able to boot back into XP. You will need to do a bit of repair work afterwards in order to get back into XP.

Unless there are special reasons for connecting the digital camera directly to the computer, Lozzy's suggestion of buying a card reader is the better solution, and less hassle. Card readers are very cheap.

If you still want to create a dual boot of XP and 98, post back.

  carper 10:21 23 Apr 2003

Thanks for your comments, I'LL leave well alone

  BeeWee 10:39 23 Apr 2003

has anyone else experienced this problem? i have just upgrades to xp and whenever i use the scroll bar the page just sort of swims/wriggles/refreshes instead of straight does the job but it really makes me nauseous!! is there a fix for this please?

  BeeWee 10:41 23 Apr 2003

ooops sorry wrong place for this...i'm giddier than i thought i was!

  BeeWee 10:41 23 Apr 2003

ooops sorry wrong place for this...i'm giddier than i thought i was!

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