Windows 98 and USB Storage

  Churston 09:04 06 May 2004

This is an old chesnut, but I have not found the answer on the web. If I use a USB modem on my old laptop which can only take Windows 98, all is well. But if I plug in my USB hard drive, it will not read it.
Any answers.

  johnnyrocker 09:08 06 May 2004

from memory i believe that 98 has very poor usb support which may be the cause of your prob, with modem disconnected does hard drive get recognised?
have you the latest updates from microsoft?

good luck.


  xania 09:28 06 May 2004

As johnnyrocker says, 98 has only very limited and unreliable USB support. There are some updates around which may resolve the issue, but you are more likely to find that, over time, matters get worse rather than better. Have you considered upgrading to SE. For very little coast in terms of both cash and HDD space, your USB performance will improve dramatically.

  Confab 10:36 06 May 2004

Where did the unreliable usb support come from for win 98? As far as I'm aware from win95SE onwards usb is fully supported.

  Confab 10:41 06 May 2004

Have you installed the correct drivers? With some devices it is important to install the drivers BEFORE first plugging the usb device in otherwise your device will not work.

Try removing the device driver then re-installing again.


  xania 14:56 06 May 2004


Sorry, its 98SE that starts support for USB, although 98 itself provides some very limited and unreliable facility, I think through 3rd party software.

  Confab 15:22 06 May 2004

I run a pc with win 98 not 98SE. So why does my USB hub, USB scanner, USB Printer, USB Joypad, USB Digital camera, USB webcam, USB ADSL modem and USB storage device all work perfectly well without 3rd party(?) software.

And why then did I manage to add a USB card to a friends PC with a later version of win95 which also worked. I guess I've just been fortunate?

Perhaps someone could throw some light on this.

Regards ;-)


  Confab 15:26 06 May 2004
  Simsy 15:44 06 May 2004

That it's a problem of insufficient power for the HDD.

Certainly Win98se has no problems with USB.

Tha fact that the modem works would indicate that the USB is working on the computer.... have you tried the USB hard drive on another PC?



  Smiler 16:11 06 May 2004

It's probable that your hard drive is usb2 only as usb 1 is very slow. In which case you would need a usb2 pcmcia adaptor card

  Confab 16:21 06 May 2004

Does the device show in explorer ie as a new drive but you can't access the files on it or does it not show as being conected at all?


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