Windows 98 upgrade to ME

  levyo1 19:30 03 Jan 2006

My friend has got a system with windows 98 installed but she has also got a windows ME disc she can install.Is it possible to just load the programme as normal or will it cause problems?Or is it as easy as just installing a new programme?Any help will be appreciated.


  Stuartli 20:01 03 Jan 2006
  Stuartli 20:06 03 Jan 2006


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  LAPTOPBABE 20:10 03 Jan 2006

I would say steer clear from Windows ME, I had it and had all sorts of problems. Every professional I have ever spoken to hasn't had a good word to say about it, i say upgrade to Windows XP and cut out the middle man!

  Zeppelyn 20:15 03 Jan 2006

Would definitely agree If Win98 is behaving Ok then I would steer clear of ME.

  Bogbrain 22:50 03 Jan 2006

Strikes me the only difference between the two o/s's is that ME has 'restore' I went straight from Win 98 SE to Win 2000 - vast impovement, specially with NTFS.
Incidentally, I got my Win 2000 upgrade cd from ebay,absolute bargain. I have installed Win 2000 on both my pc's, it runs a treat.I was also able to transfer all by backed up personal data and settings as well. Yes, I agree, best advice at least go to Win 2000 if not Win XP. It'll cost a lot more to go to XP though, and personally, I'm not a fan of XP. It's far too big and cumbersome for my needs.

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