Windows 98 SE Big problem!!

  Jake_027 19:50 27 Nov 2006

A friend needs my help!Again!And I need yours!!!

She is running Windows 98SE and last night her sister clicked on a link in MSN messenger which downloaded a virus/spyware program, not sure which. She disconnected and ran AD-Aware SE which found and removed 56 items. She then opened MSN Messenger again and recieved a message saying something along the lines of "mediatickets has been uninstalled, with the only option being OK. She clicked this and was able to close messenger using the cross at the top right but then the computer froze. She rebooted and apparantly Windows asked for the 16 digit serial number from the COA. Windows then loaded up but only with the desktop background and the mouse cursor, no icons, no start bar. She left this for 10 minutes and nothing changed, rebooted several times with the same problem. She put in the 98 CD but she isn't sure if it is the original, but the serial number definatley is. Nothing happened but I'm unsure if her CD-ROM is set as the primary boot device so this might be a problem. However, to help her I have a few questions:

1)Does Windows 98 SE have a safe mode like XP, and if so is it F8 at boot to get to it?

2)Does 98SE have a recovery option on the disc like XP, and if it is run will it overwrite saved files as she has no backups of photos and documents (bad I know!)?

3)If the serial is genuine but the disc is a copy will a reinstall still work (she doesn't know where the original disc is) or will she have to get a new copy of 98SE (I don't think specs are good enough for XP)

4)If a reinstall is needed can I take out the HD ad put it in a USB caddy and copy the files onto my XP Pro machine without getting the virus (If I scan first with Norton, Defender, Spybot, Ad-Aware) And then put them back on when the reinstall is done?

5)Can anyone recommend a cheap caddy as it's probably the only time it wil be used, for £10-£15?

6)Will my CTX flat panel display 98SE using plug and play drivers, or will I have to use her monitor, as the CTX didn't come with a driver disc?

I Know this is a lot and all your help would be much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,


  Jake_027 20:06 27 Nov 2006

Any Ideas?

  Totally-braindead 20:15 27 Nov 2006

1 Yes although some computers use different keys such as F2
2 No
3 It should be ok but I've been using XP for quite a while now so I'm not certain
4 Not sure on this
5 yes but they're slightly pricier I'm sure others will have cheaper ones click here click here click here
6 yes

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 27 Nov 2006

1 yes

2 no

3 yes

4 yes or connect internally as slave

5 click here cost me £7 saw at fair yesterday for £10 £12

6. if fitting in caddy or as slave then you will not be running 98 you will be running your XP access to drive will only occur as you virus check it.

  Totally-braindead 20:16 27 Nov 2006

What I would try first is booting into safe mode and running whatever antivirus she has in safe mode and see if you can clear the problem.
AdAware is not going to solve it as its not an antivirus program its for malware/adverts.

  wee eddie 20:18 27 Nov 2006

Firstly, for Adaware to clock up 56 items is nothing unusual if it has not been run for a while.

Secondly, do you know if she has an AV running. If not I would suggest your downloading the free Anti Virus: AVG and then load it onto a CD.

Some answers to your questions.

1. Yes, there is a safe Mode, F8 or F5

2. No there is no Recovery Option.

3. Probably yes, but fear not, someone here may be able to offer constructive help that does not require a reinstall.

4. Yes

5. frequently called "an Enclosure" on the websites: see Dabs.

6. Idnk.

  Octoz 20:22 27 Nov 2006

A long time since I used 98SE but will do what I can and hope that others can assist too.

98SE does have a safe mode. Not sure if its F8 or F10.
In the past, when I had problems with 98SE I installed the OS afresh over the top without losing data.It shouldn't matter that the disk is a copy. Is the disk just 98SE or is it a system restore? If the latter then you won't be able to "overlay" it.

You could take the drive out and read it as you say. I recently bought a caddy very cheaply, I think it was from USB direct. As HDD's are so cheap it may be worth your friend buying 80GB HDD and using it in the caddy to back up her data.
If you take the old HDD out of your friends computer, remember to set the jumpers to master. Also note that some caddys will not recognise HDD over a certain size.

Last thought, you should be able to access the system BIOS using either F8 or F10 within this you can reset the order in which the OS looks for the boot device, this means that you can set the BIOS to boot from the CD.

Good luck!

  Jake_027 20:24 27 Nov 2006

I know number 6 is unclear, what I meant is when I am reinstalling I will have the whole PC unit so would 98 be able to display on my monitor (as the hard drive would be back in her PC with my monitor connected).

And it is F2 to boot into 98 Safe Mode?

And if I virus check it as a slave it's unlikely the virus will spread to my PC?

Thanks again


  Totally-braindead 20:29 27 Nov 2006

Jake_027 most PCs its F8 but I have seen other buttons used. Try F8 first and see what happens, try to read the first screen as it usually tells you on there. One PC I had used the Delete key.
If you virus check it as a slave its very unlikely it will spread but I still think you're better trying to sort it on her PC first before buying an enclosure.

  Jake_027 20:35 27 Nov 2006

I'll try all the suggestions and see what happens,thanks for all the help, I don't know what I'd do without you all!


  lotvic 23:35 27 Nov 2006

W98se reinstall click here

Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a (Freeware) click here

..might be useful

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