Windows 98 re-installing

  old fogey 13:36 15 Jul 2005

Hi hope someone can help with this problem we have just been given some computers from a major motor company and 4 of them run on NT but are completely full (thats why they gave them to us) and the other one has been formatted and has no operating system on it. The NT ones require a password to log on so I cannot just delete unwanted programes. I would like to install windows 98 on them I have the disks but I don't know how to go about it. All the computers are p3 and have windows 98 stickers on the base units so I do not know why the NT 4 workstation blue screen comes on then the log on screen comes on the 4 computers. Hope this makes sense to someone.

ps when I try to use the setup command from D (the cd drive) using the windows 98 disc after running scandisc it reports that windows setup requires 7340032 bytes the goes back to the D:\

  Aspman 13:43 15 Jul 2005

Do you have a windows 98 boot floppy? Might be better to boot from the floppy and run [fdisk] to check what partitions are on the drives.

You can make a boot floppy from a working 98 machine from the system menu, right click 'my computer' > properties and the 3rd tab at the top of the window. I think... been a while since I looked at 98.

Use Fdisk to departition and then repartition using the same tool (needs a couple of reboots) then [format C:]

That way you're working from a clean slate on all the machines.

  mattyc_92 13:52 15 Jul 2005

click here for a Win98 Startup Disk... The link is in the ninth bullet point down

  mattyc_92 13:58 15 Jul 2005

You have to format and install Windows afresh... Do do this follow these simple guidelines:

1) Download the Win98 Startup Disk from the link I have provided in my previous post and copy the files onto a floppy disk

2) Boot from the floppy disk and select "Start with CD-ROM support" option (you may have to edit the BIOS to read the Floppy disk drive first)

3) In the command prompt, type in:


format c: [enter]


4) Press "y" on your keyboard to continue with formatting

5) When formatting completed, type in


d: [enter]

setup.exe [enter]


6) You need to press [enter] to allow setup to scan your drive(s) for any errors

7) Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation

****NOTE: [enter] means press Enter on your keyboard, DON'T TYPE IT IN****

  old fogey 14:17 15 Jul 2005

Aspman and mattyc_92 Thanks for that unfortunately I have been called home (minor domestic crisis) and the machines are in work so I will have to wait until Monday before I can follow your instructions. I will mark this post resolved for now and if I need more help on Monday will repost.

ps I have never yet failed to get help and advice from this forum and it always amazes me that so many people give their time for no reward so once again thanks for your help.

  woodchip 14:47 15 Jul 2005

You will need to use Killdisk and then run FDISK from a Win98se floppy disc to recreate a Fat32 Partition then you can do the above, From mattyc_92 a Start disc can be got from click here Tenth files down from top

  woodchip 14:48 15 Jul 2005
  Diemmess 14:57 15 Jul 2005

Can't resist an underline to all the good advice you've had.

Once booted from the floppy, you must run FDISK first, (enabling 'Y' large disk at the prompt.)
FDISK is plodding DOS but is clear if you follow the prompts..........................This will allow you to find the present number of partitions and delete them all, starting with the "outermost" and finishing with the primary one.

When you can see there are no partitions defined, then you can make a Primary partiton. You will have to choose at this point whether to make more than one partition or use the whole disk as Drive C: -------- Drive C: once defined should be set as Active.

Once you have been through this routine, you will have eliminated all reference to NT and can format your HD as normal

And the best of luck!

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