Windows 98 Plus version ; anyone heard of it?

  p;3 22:54 23 Mar 2005

am dealing with a major problem on a relative"s computer that is running whatever Windows 98 Plus is supposed to be; I for one have never heard of this version; however working on the pc last nite it does say on the screan "Windows 98 Plus"; I gather from my relative that it is a perhaps "souped-up version" of windows 98;
my "need to know" is that I am having to download and save to floppy various programs to try and rescue the pc from a major infection including the fact that the pc refuses to connect to the internet(that issue is being dealt with elsewhere);

I therefore need to know which version of windows I am actually dealing with and if this so-called version is more familiarly know by another name and if so what ; please ::)))

  woodchip 23:00 23 Mar 2005

the Plus is only a themes add on. it is only a Win98 OS Plus used to come on a separate CD that you could buy but was included in Win98se

  peter4076 23:02 23 Mar 2005

Woodchip has said it all, nothing of any substance in making the computer go better.

  p;3 23:19 23 Mar 2005

so am I dealing with basically Windows98?

my concern is to download and save to floppies the right things for the right Windows version to clean the infected PC, and hopefully get it to connect to the net to grab programs to sort it out:)

  Taff36 00:24 24 Mar 2005

Yes you are. Windows 98 Plus is basically a media pack and when you install it it changes the "splashscreen" that appears when you load the system.

You do need to know whether you`re dealing with Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE (Second Edition). To do this open Windows Explorer and go to Help>About and it should tell you. Post back what it says and someone will confirm.

  p;3 00:58 24 Mar 2005

when I get back to the machine after the W/E I will try this; though whether it will let me open Windows explorer is another matter (it is somewhat buggered -up at the moment)

  Taff36 08:21 24 Mar 2005

click here I use the Belarc Advisor too and it will tell you a lot of info about the system you are working on. I suggest you download a copy and take it with you.

  woodchip 10:13 24 Mar 2005

He She as Win98

  p;3 22:01 24 Mar 2005

thanks folks; I "ll leave this open pro-temp until I have run the Belaric then I can tell you what I am actually running with on that PC:)

  woodchip 22:23 24 Mar 2005

Right Click My Computer\Properties you do not need Belarc as I told you I have the Plus disc on the shelf at the back of me. It is Win98 not Win98se

  p;3 22:30 24 Mar 2005

i"ve got a Win 98se cd here that was given to me as a kind of reserve thing for my own machine by my pc mechanic installer/builder; so, I could take that with me in case needed I hope:)

at least I am getting a clearer idea of the system I will be dealing with :)

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