Windows 98 PC will not boot

  climb45 21:45 08 Jul 2005

Windows would only start (intermittently) in Safe Mode so attempted to reinstall using MS Boot Disk. ScanDisk found various directory problems which it fixed then Win 98 started to reinstall but hung on saving System Files. Restarted PC but now cannot get further than memory check. At one point got a message
"Resource Conflict - PCI
Bus:0 Device:10 Function:00"
but that's not even appearing now.

Is there any way of getting a command line to reformat the disk and would this work anyway?

  octal 21:50 08 Jul 2005

If you have a startup boot floppy put it in the A drive and switch the computer on, if you haven't got one you can download one from here click here

  octal 21:55 08 Jul 2005

There is also the Ultimate Boot Disk, I've never tried it, but it looks interesting. click here

  woodchip 21:56 08 Jul 2005

all indications of cpu overheating if it's a tower take the side off it and try

  dan11 23:00 08 Jul 2005

If the above doesn't solve the problem. Then take out all your pci cards ( sound, lan, modem ect ) but leave the graphics card in, if you have one.

Take the ribbon cable out of the floppy drive.

Reset the cmos, by shorting the motherboard jumper. ( it will show you in the manual )

Start the computer with the windows 98 disk in the cdrom.

  climb45 23:15 08 Jul 2005

Thanks for such prompt response. Turned PC off for a while, then able to get to Windows setup, so suspect overheating as suggested. Boot disk is fine. Now ScanDisk performs check Drive C then goes back to the E:\ prompt, which is the CD-Rom drive. One invalid long filename entry is detected but cannot be fixed by ScanDisk. Have tried E:\win98 setup.exe, but this just starts ScanDisk again. How do I get further in the process?

  dan11 23:22 08 Jul 2005

Yes it looks like a heat issue.

" so attempted to reinstall using MS Boot Disk "

Was this an over the top installation, or did you format the hard drive first?

  climb45 23:57 08 Jul 2005

No I didn't. I have been trying to reinstall over the top of existing installation. Just managed to get as far as actual Windows installation, when monitor suddenly turned off and PC emitted continous beeping. Could this be a further sign of overheating. If so is this just a case of replacing the fan, or could there be a more serious problem?

  Hairy Yeti 03:09 09 Jul 2005

Some motherboard detect the presence of a CPU fan and if the check fails will switch off and emit a continuous beeping. Try a new fan.

  dan11 06:56 09 Jul 2005

Have you tried woodchip's suggestion, take the sides off?

You could then see the condition of the fans and vents. They may be covered in heavy dust. Start the computer and look at the processor fan, is it spinning, is it struggling, what is it doing when the motherboard beeps. It could be that it or the heatsink is covered in dust and not cooling the cpu or as Hairy Yeti says it just fails.

If covered in dust, clean as best you can. If the fan is struggling or not working, replace. Also look for any wires that may interfere with the fan spinning or the air flow over the fan.

If you can get it stable and it still has a problem with the re-install. Try a format.

Select cdrom as first boot in the bios, save settings and exit. Pop the 98 disk in the cdrom drive and boot up.

Pick the " start with cdrom support " option. Let it load to "a" prompt and format c after this.

a:\ format c:

and enter

pick "y" to proceed.

press enter for the volume label.

it will then load back to "a" prompt.

type sys c: after this

a:\ sys c:

and enter. It will then say system transfered.

Then use the e:\ setup, although it may now be f:\ setup. As the ram drive will be on.

If you get it stable

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