Windows 98 Icons

  Bill2000 08:22 21 Sep 2005

On one of my computrs running Windows 98SE, the small Icons 16x16 have turned into black boxes. This computer is not connected to the Internet and has had no viruses 'planted' on it via disks or USB sticks. The Icons I am refering too are the ones that appears to the left of programs or files when using either the Start/Programs Menu or when I open a directory using explorer etc.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Bill

  MAJ 09:00 21 Sep 2005

Try the 'repair icons' option in TweakUI, Bill2000. You can download the Windows 98 version of TweakUI if you click here details on how to install TweakUI are also on that page.

  Diemmess 09:01 21 Sep 2005

A worthwhile move which at least won't make things worse.

Reboot and start tapping F8 repeatedly and well before windows starts to load. You should arrive at a DOS screen with several alternatives.

Choose "Command Prompt Only"

When the Screen shows C:> ...Type-

scanreg /restore

make sure you include the space between scanreg and the /restore.

<Enter> and then you will be offered a choice to boot into any of the last 5 dates when W98 ran successfully. Choose a date before your bother started.
Follow the prompts and after a bit of "behind the scenes" activity the computer should boot normally with the icons restored

  Bill2000 19:52 23 Sep 2005

Thanks to both of you for the help. What worked finally, was installing the TweakUI program and then using it to repar the Icons.
Thaks again - Bill

  daba 21:52 23 Sep 2005

You will find that W98 occasionally shows the wrong icons for some programs.

Icons are collected, usually from the respective application files, or from dedicated .ico files, and are cached for faster display.

Unfortunately this cache can get corrupted, presumably when applications are added or removed from the PC. TweakUI Repair Icons tool causes the cache to be rebuilt. It usually warns that a PC restart may be required for all Icons to be displayed correctly, but so far I haven't seen the need to, the repair just works.

It isn't a great deal to worry about, but can be annoying. My W98 has been doing it regularly for several years now, without detriment.

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