windows 98 help needed

  sam 22:20 30 Jun 2004

Hi . could anybody tell me how to stop scan disk
.from running when i have had trouble.

just want to run it myself.

thanks for all answers.


  end 22:23 30 Jun 2004

what is it doing that you do not want it to do??

  Night Ryder 22:24 30 Jun 2004

Go to start and run. In the box type msconfig.
In the box that appears is an option to turn off automatic scandisk.

  woodchip 22:26 30 Jun 2004

If you do not let it run after the comp crashes, then all you are doing is storing up big problems further down the line

  VoG II 22:27 30 Jun 2004

is spot on. As ever!

  woodchip 22:30 30 Jun 2004

If you want to cancel just press enter, when it starts

  Night Ryder 22:42 30 Jun 2004

Both woodchip and VoG™ are correct. I had a windows 98 system for may years with the scandisk option turned off. This is OK provided you remember to run scandisk manualy from time to time. Particularly if you've had several system crashes. This I did and had no problems.

  end 22:49 30 Jun 2004

and can I ( a novice) also agree....

my scan disc is on my desk top as an icon shortcut as is defragment;
mine is disabled for automatic running, BUT, I run scan disc hopefully each time I am on , or at least once a day, just to " keep things sorted". and defragment also needs running regularly...when did you last run THAT?????

and run scan disc in " standard" mode with as few other programs running as possible ....

  VoG II 23:06 30 Jun 2004

Why do you keep saying "I am a novice"? You were but you are not anymore. You are now a PC Advisor!

If you preface every post by saying you are a novice the recipients will naturally be wary. Much better to (a) only reply to questions that you definitely know the answer to or (b) preface your reply with "as far as I know".

Respectfully, your "other mentor".

  Night Ryder 23:14 30 Jun 2004

Good point. I am by no means an expert. I think IT is a subject that is continual learning. I've worked with computers for the past 20 years. Since the very first green screen, blinking cursor dos systems. I tend to answer questions based on personal experience and read and learn about the ones I've not encoutered.

  sam 04:47 01 Jul 2004

Thanks everybody expertise as expected

from you people in the know

many thanks again


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