Bertie B 21:53 07 Jan 2003
  Bertie B 21:53 07 Jan 2003

Can anyone help please? My PC fairly regularly fails to boot up - giving message "FATAL ERROR 0E AT 017F:BFF8AB97". Only way out of this is CTRL/ALT/DELETE - then the PC will request booting up in Safe Mode. Message appears to look at and correct Network Settings and Hardare settings in Control Panel. Could not ses anything obviously wrong so ran MSCONFIG. Under System Properties - Performance can see following - "Compatibility-mode paging reduces system performance. Drive A is using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system. Dive C ...." ditto! If the PC is then shut down without taking further action - it will then boot up normally and no such messages appear when running MSCONFIG again - until several boots later .... this all happens again!!?? HELP!!!!

  PurplePenny 22:25 07 Jan 2003

I don't have an answer to your problem but here is what Microsoft has to say on the subject:
click here;en-us;150314
That may give you somewhere to start from.

PS and someone with a better answer will be along shortly I'm sure :-)

  PurplePenny 22:32 07 Jan 2003

Sorry something went wrong with that link - it doesn't work!

  Djohn 23:51 07 Jan 2003

Not sure about the problem, Bertie B, but this will bring you back to the top.

  User-312386 00:03 08 Jan 2003

can you please advise me what is in your "start up folder", thats start>programmes>start up

also in msconfig have you tried unchecking some programmes in the startup tab?

  User-312386 00:14 08 Jan 2003

sounds like you need a registry fix here
go to start>shutdown and then restart in ms-dos

when in dos type "scanreg/fix" (without the quote marks)

this may take about 5-10 mins

when done shut down comp manually and re-start

if the computer goes to an ms-dos prompt when restarting type exit

when re-booted restart comp and then start tapping F5 key to get to safe mode

i assume before you tried to do a defrag you did a disc clean up and a scan disc?


  Bertie B 10:29 08 Jan 2003

Thanks to all for help & suggestions.


- answer to your question - startup folder contains "Microsft Findfast" & "Office Startup"

Yes - did all the defrag - disk cleanup - scandisc etc..

I think I will try your suggested Registry Fix - but not today as I have to take my daughter to Luton Airport for flight back to Paris [Uni]

Quelle joie!!!!

  User-312386 19:47 15 Jan 2003

how are you getting on with this one?

  Tog 21:37 15 Jan 2003

There is a virus that can force your HDD to use MSDOS compatibility mode so do a scan as a matter of urgency. Then go to the M$ Support site and do a search for "MSDOS Compatibility mode". There is at least one article on the subject. Do a search on this forum as well as I have seen a similar post here before.

  Bertie B 10:55 16 Jan 2003

Most of the advice on MS site appeared to involve playing around with registry settings - something I was not too enthusiastic about in case I cocked things up further. Anyway - matters appeared to have settled down until yesterday when PC failed to boot up again with the same error message word for word digit for digit. Following this I searched windows help on errors - found and ran system files, checking for errors. This found file setupx.dll to be corrupt - have replaced it and hope all OK now!!? Time will tell!
Again - thanks to you all for your help and advice!

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