Windows 98 - clean up - lap top

  Stressed Mum 19:13 18 Aug 2007

Due to visit my mother in the next few days and to take a look at her laptop running windows 98. I am sure it will need a good defrag and cookie clean - not knowing 98 - can anyone recommend a good cleaner? I certainly know that her photos are in a mess - she download kodak software - but I only ever use Windows (XP) picures (My Pictures) which she too would like to do. Is this available on 98? Will I be able to view thumbnails in 98 - or it is just icons? Thanks in advance. SM :)

  brundle 19:31 18 Aug 2007

CCleaner click here
Defrag 7 lite click here

If the software is Kodak Easyshare it's a big improvement over 98's half-baked pic management.

  brundle 19:34 18 Aug 2007

If you leave DF7 on the machine it will pop up a nag screen every so often, so you might want to use it just the once and remove it until the next time.

  Stressed Mum 19:56 18 Aug 2007

Wonderful advice - thank you. Know about CCleaner - and will try the DF7. It is easyshare - perhaps I'll leave it there then and remove My Pictures as Mum has photos everywhere! When Mum saves a photo sent to her on email can you specify where to put it on 98 or does it go automatically?

  brundle 20:08 18 Aug 2007

That depends on her email client - Easyshare will only manage images that have been saved or stored. Find out where emailed images are being stored/saved to and see if there is a `Monitor these folders` option in Easyshare where you can add it.

  Taff™ 10:44 19 Aug 2007

Dump the Easyshare and use Picasa for Windows 98 click here Picasa has a much better interface and allows a lot more manipulation with simple one click buttons. Whilst both are simple photo organisers Picasa is more intuitive.

  brundle 13:11 19 Aug 2007

Yes agreed, I didn't realise there was still a 9x version.

  Stressed Mum 13:55 20 Aug 2007

Thanks - will look at that. Just done 98 windows update here - and gosh what a mess. Have now had problems with IE6 and Outlook Express. Finally removed IE6 - back to 5 but Outlook Express went with it back to 5 and now can't access any emails!!!

  brundle 14:42 20 Aug 2007

What problems with IE/OE6? Even if I were to suggest Firefox and Thunderbird the machine would be less secure without the `latest` IE updates. Make sure you keep a backup of the old OE files while trying to get it all going again. click here

  Stressed Mum 14:55 20 Aug 2007

IE working fine now... Outlook Exress not allowing me to open any emails. 'There was an error opening this message - an error has occured'

  Stressed Mum 14:56 20 Aug 2007

had to go back to OE 5

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