windows 98 blue screens (trojan?)

  TAFFY 14:49 08 Apr 2004

all the family use a pc with windows 98 on it.
it has Zonelabs, ez antivurus, spybot and a popup blocker loaded to try and stop viruses.
however on trying to boot the pc today all I got was a blue screen when it finished booting.
ctrl, alt,del box was blank (no applications running?) tried booting in safe mode, got a pale blue screen with safe mode in the corners but again no desktop icons or programs running.
tried reinstalling windows from cd still the same.
have run virus checker and spybot but nothing found.
only thing I can think of is a virus or trojan in the boot sector of the disk. I don't particularly want to reformat the drive as no1 son has a large colledge project on it and of course has not backed it up.
anyone any thoughts on where I go from here?

  anon1 15:02 08 Apr 2004

Most unlikely to be a boot sector virus. Some more info would be helpful. There should be some kind of error generated. You could try click here
This guy is a real wiz and windows 98 and has lots of little tools that you can use.

  Gongoozler 15:12 08 Apr 2004

Hi TAFFY, if your antivirus is kept up-to-date, then it is most unlikely that a virus has crept in, also most types of antivirus check the boot sector at startup. I think it is more likely that either Windows has got corrupted, or you have a memory problem. As you need the computer to be working, and also daren't risk a reformat, then I would be iclined to get another hard drive, fit it as master, and your old drive as slave. You can then load Windows and your word processor onto the new drive, and recover all your important saved software from the old drive. This will get around corruption of Windows or boot sector virus. If your computer can take a 30G drive, these are now available for about £30 for an OEM version (that is without fixing hardware etc) click here.

  anon1 16:06 08 Apr 2004

Gongoozler, that is agood idea but if it is a memory problem then that will remain a problem even with a new hdd

  Gongoozler 17:09 08 Apr 2004

That's quite true, but you have to start somewhere. The data is being corrupted, and it's difficult to say where. I'm guessing that the most likely is for Windows to be corrupted on the hard drive. Can you tell us what some of the blue screen error messages are?

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