windows 98

  tezmo 20:01 11 Mar 2004

This is for a friend.. I might be giving the right anser her but will ask anyway to try and confirme the problem...

She say her pc is full up and unable to open up her pc...does she need to re-formatt her pc.

I'm only a novice at this and not sure myself???

  Belatucadrus 20:34 11 Mar 2004

While a reformat is probably a good idea, a full hard drive isn't likely to stop a PC opening, there may be other issues, difficult to tell from here. Anyway here are a few suggestions :-

1st clear off any unneccesary stuff, software, files, you name it. Back it up if you want delete if not necessary.

2nd run a file cleaner like iISystem Wiper click here that will get rid of a lot of other rubbish.

3rd defragment the drive.

If that doesn't work click here for an Acrobat article on reformating, make sure all the driver disks are handy before starting, as trying to find them mid format is a pain.

  spikeychris 20:37 11 Mar 2004

Quote "She say her pc is full up and unable to open up her pc...does she need to re-formatt her pc."

OK first thing using all the available drive space would not cause the machine to not open up (presume you mean start)

She does not need to format, just get rid of whats needed.

Post back with what happens when she tries to start the machine

  spikeychris 20:38 11 Mar 2004

Belatucadrus F5

  tezmo 20:47 11 Mar 2004

when she swiches the pc on then when it is open,s the computer tells her its full and that she cannot do anything more

  midase 21:37 11 Mar 2004

Boot into Safe Mode, press the F8 key at boot up and choose the option Safe Mode. This will load the bare essentials to start Windows and will look strange. Go to Accessories in the programs list and find System Tools and use the Disc Cleanup utility to get rid of rubbish files and all the clutter. Then run Disc Defrag. Shut down and reboot and see what happens.

  billyliv 21:42 11 Mar 2004

Hi, A reformat is only a good idea if you have all the installation discs for the operating system and all the programs that are wanted, and you have all your internet and e.mail settings jotted down. Enter safe mode on start up and remove all the junk that has collected including programs that are never used. also a good idea to clear out temporary files and delete all ancient e.mails. Cheers, Bill

  woodchip 21:50 11 Mar 2004

When switching on PC keep pressing F8 so you can select Safe Mode. then go to Explorer and Remove all Temp files, Then go into Control Panel and double Click on Internet Options, click on delete files and clear history. then see if it will start in normal mode. If not you will have to go back into safe mode\Control Panel\Add Remove and start by removing programs that are never used

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