Windows 95 yes Win 95

  ulrich 18:45 19 Aug 2004

I am purchasing a new win 95 disc, so that my son can play old games. I have a computer that doesn't seem to work, but it maybe the disc was wiped clean so I will try this first. If not do I need to buy a small hard drive to install it on and run it as a slave?

  THE TERMINATOR 19:23 19 Aug 2004

My 1st pc had Windows 95 and a 500mb(half gig) disk. So you will not have to get another drive. My first question is, Is your new(?) pc booting up or are you installing windows 95 on a blank drive. If this is the case, do you have a boot-up disk? If not click here get one. Stick it in the floppy drive, boot up access your cd-rom drive(with the win95 disk in it)and type setup and click on enter....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 19:27 19 Aug 2004

Todays pc's have 5gig or bigger drives, so the chances are you will have a drive big enough for windows 95 and a few games....TT

  gold 47 19:46 19 Aug 2004

I hope you have better luck than i've had installing Windows95 install goes ok till you reboot all i get is starting windows95 for the first time followed by windows protection error
i am unable to resolve this problem at the moment

  son-of-a-gun 20:03 19 Aug 2004

You could have problems if you goodies in the box was designed for Win ME or >, the bits on the motherboard are not supported by 95, I had a similar whim some time ago and wanted to do the same with the identical problem that gold 47 had I e:mailed Evesham computers support about this problem, they threatened to pull the plug on the warranty if I continued trying to install Win 95 sounded dire and made me stop it, and I format for the county.

  ulrich 20:23 19 Aug 2004

Thanks a lot for your answers. I will try and get the old computer up and running, maybe look for necessary keyboard and mouse.

  GRFT 08:38 20 Aug 2004

I had that problem after replacing an AMD KII/350 with a KII/500. You need to download a patch from AMD for WIN95 OSR2 to run with faster AMD CPUs. Otherwise only speeds of 350mHz or slower will work.

  gold 47 18:54 20 Aug 2004

son-of-a-gun i have two Evesham Computers so i no what problem you have.

Well done GRFT that could be what i am looking for.

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