windows 95 on XP computer!!!!!!!Yes!!!!!!!

  Squirrel1 21:00 02 Aug 2007

Can you run Windows 95 on a computer running XP???

Yes you can actualy!!!!

1)Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC2007
2)Make Windows 98 Boot Disk
3)Start Virtual PC2007 and make new virtual machine called Windows 95
4)With Windows 98 Boot Disk in drive A:, Reset virtual machine Windows 95
5)Partion Virtual drive c:
6)Format Virtual dirve c:
7)Place Windows 95 setup disk into CD drive, select drive r: and run setup
8)Windows 95 will now install onto virtual machine. Follow the instructions as per Windows 95 setup.
9)In virtual PC menu select full screen and restart Windows 95 and Volia...Al a Windows 95 on XP machine....


  skidzy 21:54 02 Aug 2007

Might be good for some Squirrel,but why would someone want 95 on an xp machine i dont know.

  mammak 22:03 02 Aug 2007

Got to agree with skidzy :-) why would you want to run Win 95? I mean it is not even USB compatible!

but hey good for you I hope you have many years of really exciting computing from your achievements :-(

  skidzy 22:53 02 Aug 2007

fair point :-)

  Squirrel1 15:01 04 Aug 2007

If Windows 95 on XP machine seems a pointless exercise, then how about Windows 3.1 on a Windows Vista Machine. No....hang-on, that would be an improvement that might prove useful!!!

The reason I am running Win 95 on an XP machine is because, some of the hardware I work with can only be programed by applications running under Win 95, and, howmany 'new' Win 95 machines are there out there???

Fasinating things these computer things!

  X™ 15:09 04 Aug 2007

Why not use Win98? It's everything 95 compatible.

  bremner 15:15 04 Aug 2007

I am on an iMac. I have Parallels installed and VM's of W98, XP, Vista and Fedora.

The Vista and XP can run in "Coherence" mode which basically allows them to run seemlessly with OS X. I can exchange files between them and I can have a graphics prigram running in OS X and click to a game running in XP.

This knocks spots off of any other Virtual Machine software I have used. The only downside currently is Parallels poor support for 3D games - although this will soon be remedied.

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