Windows 95 - How do you add it to a workgroup?

  sam2004 21:44 20 Mar 2004

On Windows 95 how do you add it to a workgroup?
I have a old laptop that i have bought a PCMCIA Ethernet adapter for and am having trouble adding it to my workgroup.

Any help is warmly welcomed! :-)

  LastChip 22:05 20 Mar 2004

Do you have a Win95 CD?

Are you using a direct cable connection between ethernet cards, and if so, do you have a CROSSOVER cable? A straight through (patch) cable will only work via a hub or router.

Do you have installed, the network components of the operating system?

  sam2004 13:02 21 Mar 2004

I have the 95 CD, I have got the Hub installed (Another 2 pcs are using it), BUT am not sure about the network components being installed.

  LastChip 17:20 21 Mar 2004

Do you have a Network Neighborhood Icon on your desktop?

If so, Right Click it; Properties; and tell me what you have listed under Configuration. While your there, under Identification, check you have a unique Computer name for the machine, but the Workgroup Identifier, is the same as your other network machines. Confusingly, it could be the default of Workgroup!

If there is no icon on the desktop, go to Settings; Control Panel; and open the network icon in there. Same information please.

  Paranoid Android 22:19 21 Mar 2004

If I remember correctly (it's been a long time) you do it in the usual way but you will probably need the NETBEUI protocol installed as well as TCP/IP.

Does that help at all ?


  sam2004 16:09 22 Mar 2004

Yes, I do have the "Network Neighbourhood" icon on my desktop.

But i have found the TCP/IP Protocol missing - lets hope it is somthing simple like that!


click here

  LastChip 16:27 22 Mar 2004

OK, so open Network Properties as described above, select the Add button, Protocol, Microsoft in the left window, TCP/IP in the right and click OK.

  sam2004 17:03 22 Mar 2004

it still wont let mo onto the network though. Personally i think that it is a driver error as when i start windows i am told a file is missing. I have made some enquiries about borrowing a Cd drive as my laptop dosent have one - and i am having to write down the driver names then find them on the CD! :-(

  LastChip 17:45 22 Mar 2004

Which opearting systems are the other computers on the network using?

When you say, you can't get on the network, what exactly do you mean? Are you getting an error message?

Try this and post the result.

On your laptop, go to start; run; and type

ping [OK]

and tell us the result (reply or error).

  Paranoid Android 21:07 22 Mar 2004

Try uninstalling the dial-up networkin component - then re-installing. That should fix the missing file problem.

Also make sure that NETBEUI protocol is installed on all machines. Windows 95 likes NETBEUI.


  sam2004 16:13 23 Mar 2004

The Network team at school have got the laptop overnight because it has another problem with the Hard Drive!

But i will start looking on the other PCs for the netbeui protocol.

As regards the error messages :- it tells me that it cannot browse the network, & the other PCs dont see the laptop either.

I have tried to uninstall & re-install the networking component twice but no luck - not helped by the fact there is no cd-drive on the Laptop.

Once again, Thankyou for your help!!

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