Windows 95 to 98

  Steve.S 09:59 27 Mar 2003

Can anyone help? I've got an old pc at home which currently has Windows 95 on it. I have the cd for Windows 98 but it won't go on as it says I need the upgrade version. Is there anyway, pref easy!, of taking 95 off and loading 98 fresh from the cd?? Do I need to wipe the h.d?? If so, what's the easiest way of doing this? Thanks.

  dth 11:22 27 Mar 2003

couple of questions:-

1) what do you plan to use the p/c for
2) what is the p/c spec
3) is there any data on the P/C that you need to keep (ie old emails, docs, etc)
4) have you another p/c and if so what o/s does this have (windows 98 windows me etc)

  Steve.S 11:41 27 Mar 2003

1. Mainly internet,& other basic office tools.
2. Pentium 2, about 160ram,
3. No data on it that can't easyily/quickly be saved on to disk.
4. no other pc except for work one.

  Belatucadrus 12:10 27 Mar 2003

Here is a direct link to an acrobat document download on reformating and loading a W9X system click here , it's the best explanation of what to do that I've found . Remember that the Windows 95 boot disk doesn't include CD drivers so can't access your CD drive, use the W98 version, Ultimate boot disk click here , or a W95 disk with generic drivers click here. Not forgetting to get all the device driver and software disks ready to reload when you're done.
Reformating is disconcerting at first, very time consuming, but usually worth it.

  anchor 12:14 27 Mar 2003

I seem to recall a previous thread in which an explanation was given as to how to use a full Win98 disc to upgrade a Win95 system, without a reformat.

It involved a simple modification of one file. Can anyone remember?.

  Switcher 12:24 27 Mar 2003

Rename the file WIN.COM to something else E.G. OLDWIN.COM. You will find this file in the directory c:\windows

This fools the system into thinking that no windows operating system exists.

  Steve.S 12:49 27 Mar 2003

Thanks all, I'll give a go tonight and see what happens!

  dth 15:09 27 Mar 2003

the rename approach works but as everything on the p/c links to the windows folder most thinks will not work. for example if you clicked on (say) the word icon the p/c would then check the windows registery for the start settings and of course these wouldn't be there - so it wouldn't open

best approach is to simply copy the needed data, then format and install windows 98

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:15 27 Mar 2003

If you have 95 and put in full 98 disk it should say that the OS you have is not as updated as the one you tryin to have and ask if you wont to update,and ask if you wont to save old settings if you wont to revert back sometime or at least that what it did to me .


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:22 27 Mar 2003

P.S , i think all windows versions are backward compatible i.e ,you should be able to upgrade and go back and the OS should save original settings in case anythin goes wrong.And if you select anythin other than c: windows at installation it will not matter what the file called cos it will write a new directory for you.

  Stuartli 15:24 27 Mar 2003

If you do a Search on this subject there are a number of threads which explain how to overcome the Upgrade problem.

One link (which leads to others) is:

click here

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