Windows 8.1 - what is this "Server Busy" message?

  Pineman100 13:04 27 Jun 2014

My Windows 8.1 laptop is set to boot direct into the desktop. Recently, whenever I boot up, the desktop appears normally, and then after 20 - 30 seconds I get a report window in the centre of the screen that says:-

Server Busy

This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose "Switch To" to activate the busy program and correct the problem.

There are then three buttons: [Switch To] [Retry] [Cancel]

If I click Switch To, I get switched to the Metro screen, if I click Retry, the message disappears. After that, everything functions normally.

This is not serious, but it's a mild annoyance. Can anyone please tell me how to stop this message appearing?

  northumbria61 15:20 27 Jun 2014

Take a look here Server Busy Problem

  northumbria61 15:24 27 Jun 2014

Could be one of your programs causing the problem - Annoying Server Busy

  Pineman100 21:47 27 Jun 2014

Thanks very much northumbria61. I followed the trail of links that you launched me on, and I think I've solved the problem.

When the Server Busy window appeared, I launched task manager. This showed that a process called Kies Trayagent Application was running. I stopped this and the window disappeared.

This process appears to be something to do with the software that came with my wife's Samsung mobile phone, which I can obviously do without! So I've disabled it in my Startup list.

Hopefully I won't be troubled with it again.

Thank you again for your help in tracing this.

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