Windows 8 not recognising keyboard and mouse

  MikeSA 21:01 08 Jun 2013

One of the USB ports on the front of my computer suddenly stopped working. I then went into Device Mananer and under Universal serial Bus Controllers, uninstalled the first two items listed, hoping that when I re-start, what I uninstalled would be re-installed. But that is not the case. When I switch the machine on again, both the keyboard and the mouse no longer work. Only the start screen appears. Neither the light on the keyboard nor the light on the mouse come on. And the only way to switch the computer off now is to unplug from the mains. I am running Windows 8. Can someone please help?

  lotvic 22:59 08 Jun 2013

You can switch pc off safely by holding in the Power Button on pc for about 10 seconds.

Ref the usb, not sure why they didn't reinstall, have you tried them in different usb ports? There must be something wrong if one of front usbs suddenly stopped working. Will post back if/when I have any ideas.

What is make and model of PC? Did it come with W8 pre-installed?

  MikeSA 11:15 09 Jun 2013

Hi Lotvic : Thanks for the response. Besides the specific ports for the keyboard and mouse, I tried all the other ports (two in front and two at the back), but none are working now. With both the keyboard and mouse not working, I cant"t even get into BIOS as pressing the relevant key on the keyboard does absolutely nothing. The mouse cursor does not even appear on the screen.

The computer is a no-name brand with a WIBTEK H61 Motherboard, an Intel G630 Processor, DVD Writer, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. Without a keyboard and mouse, is there any way of re-installing Windows 8 without having to format the drive hard? In any case, without a keyboard and hard drive, even formatting the hard drive is not possible.

  lotvic 12:18 09 Jun 2013

Try this: Remove electric plug from mains so no power to pc, remove the motherboard cmos battery (the small round silver flat battery about size of 10p), wait at least 10 minutes, then replace and switch on. Also while battery is out hold in the power button on pc for about 15 secs - to discharge any residual current.

After battery is replaced the Bios setup will return to its default settings and keyboard and mouse should be recognised by bios setup again.

  lotvic 12:21 09 Jun 2013

Ooops, "Also while battery is out hold in the power button on pc for about 15 secs - to discharge any residual current"

Should be "Also before taking battery out hold in the power button on pc for about 15 secs - to discharge any residual current. "

  MikeSA 14:49 09 Jun 2013

Lotvic thank you so much, it's worked. Everything is working fine again. I was able to enter BIOS and under SATA MODE SELECTION, changed IDE to AHCI (whatever that means) and ENABLED HOT PLUG, EXTERNAL SATA and SPIN TO DEVICE which were marked DISABLED. I came across a thread on another forum suggesting that. However, some threads advise that with Windows 8, the default should always be IDE. Do I now go back and change AHCI back to IDE?

  lotvic 16:22 09 Jun 2013

Glad you got your keyboard/mouse back :)

re the IDE/AHCI question, I can't answer that as I don't know. Maybe you could start a new thread about that then others that do have an opinion will be able to help with advice. My only thoughts on it are 'whatever works...'

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  lotvic 16:24 09 Jun 2013

oops again, forgot they've moved the tick from the side to underneath posts now :~

  MikeSA 22:14 09 Jun 2013

Oh, another problem. Although the computer is working fine once more, I note that, upon bootup, the Megatrends logo appears on the screen and underneath is this message : CHERCKSUN ERROR. PRESS DEL TO ENTER SETUP. And immediately thereafter, the machines boots and the start screen appears and everything works fine. Do I ENTER SETUP but what needs to be done there?

  lotvic 22:31 09 Jun 2013

Is this the first time you have had this message or is it happening every time?

It usually indicates that bios cmos setup has been set back to default setting.

First, you need to check you have put the battery back in properly so that cmos is able to retain any changes you have made in the bios setup. (you did remember to save your changes if you made any?)

  lotvic 22:37 09 Jun 2013

Oh, and don't forget to reset/alter your system clock to the correct Day and Time for your Region.

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