Windows 7RC

  mark3986 21:27 21 May 2009

the free windows 7 RC from microsofts website is it any good and is it better than vista home premium how come its free??anybody with info on it please post thank you!!

  phono 21:32 21 May 2009

"the free windows 7 RC from microsofts website"

It is only free because it is a time limited beta version. As such it may still contain bugs and will expire at some time in the future.

As to whether or not it is better than Vista only time will tell, Vista was touted as being better than XP and there are lots of people who would disagree with that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:33 21 May 2009

how come its free

Because it just for testing and will expire soon

  mark3986 21:37 21 May 2009

so its not worth having then?when does the proper version come out wot windows you guys got??thanks i didnt no it would expire.oh where can i buy a new vsta ultimate key from because i carnt find it ?

  phono 21:44 21 May 2009

"so its not worth having then?"

Not unless you enjoy beta testing and you are not depending on a stable PC.

"when does the proper version come out"

This is MS we are talking about so who really knows.

"wot windows you guys got?"

I use Vista Home Premium 64 Bit.

"where can i buy a new vsta ultimate key from"

The only place that I know you can buy a key from is Microsoft, have to admit, I was tempted to reply "take a wild guess".

  mark3986 21:55 21 May 2009

i carnt find it on there site is wot i ment and is 64 bit better than 32

  phono 22:22 21 May 2009

For Vista Ultimate look at this click here I can't see an Ultimate key being that much cheaper than the whole package of DVD and key.

"is 64 bit better than 32"

See this click here

  kjrider 22:25 21 May 2009

Much as I don't like M$ I find that the Win 7 download is OK. I think its better thn Vista, BUT it doesn't have the Movie editor in it, which was one of the few good things that Vista had.

Its a cunning plot by M$ to get you used to Win 7 so that you will buy it after a years free trial.

The latest ubuntu I find is great and its free as well. It does all the things that an OS does for me that i need.


  phono 22:43 21 May 2009

"Its a cunning plot by M$ to get you used to Win 7 so that you will buy it after a years free trial."

This is not a trial, it is a release candidate, or beta version, it is for testing purposes only, if you proceed to install it you will see warnings about possible bugs and system instability should you continue with the installation.

A beta version may contain features which the finished product does not have but likewise the opposite scenario may well apply.

If you are looking for a new OS you would be ill advised to install a beta version on your only PC, if you have a second spare PC on which to experiment then that should be fine.

  gazzaho 04:23 22 May 2009

I wouldn't advise installing it over the top of your only OS, it might conflict with software/hardware on your system and cause all kinds of compatibility problems. If you want to try it set it up to dual boot along with your existing OS, or set it up on another hard drive and switch between them from the BIOS (if your BIOS allows you to do that) on boot up which is what I do.

The RC version is only a test version and will expire June 1 2010, you can use it for a year/or until release, if you decide to buy.

I myself don't see a big difference between it and Vista to be honest, in regard to every day workings. I could be wrong about this as I've only just started using it, but to be honest I'm not going to rush out and buy it in October, which is touted as some to be the time of release.

  laurie53 08:27 22 May 2009

This new version is not a beta, but the first Release Candidate.

It's getting very good reports from all over (see the Windows 7 Forum), and one wonders why MS bothered with Vista in the first place.

It's very stable and very fast, with only one or two driver problems, and is the best version of Windows so far in my view.

I started off, as recommended, on a "spare" computer, but it is now on my main computers, with only an old laptop still on XP "just in case".

I'm certainly a convert.

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