PAM-260565 21:06 15 Jan 2003
  PAM-260565 21:06 15 Jan 2003

I run Windows ME plus AOL. I have had a lot of problems, and somebody has suggested I instal Windows 98 and has supplied me with a disc, as there seems to be less hitches with windows 98. Any advice anyone?

  closhty 21:15 15 Jan 2003


  Tog 21:23 15 Jan 2003

Yup, 98SE is better than 98.

  WaTcHiNg 21:24 15 Jan 2003

Always had less problems with ME providing it is up to date with latest patches from Windows Update

  closhty 21:34 15 Jan 2003

98se has been around along time, most probs have been sorted and even with the idear that microsoft will not be supporting it much longer, sombody as well as me must still be buying it, see the oem price in pc world they arn't exactly giving it away.(did'nt get mine there)

  misters 21:37 15 Jan 2003

Which is better win98se or win XP, problem wise.

  PAM-260565 21:48 15 Jan 2003

I dont want to go buying windows 98se, as someone has already given me a 98 disc to instal. So its a toss up between ME and 98??????

  closhty 21:49 15 Jan 2003

or better still will there be a XP home se.

  Tog 21:53 15 Jan 2003

It's really your call, if you can, image your current data first, then you can always go back to ME if 98 doesn't work out.

  misters 21:57 15 Jan 2003

Once you have win/98, cant you upgrade from microsoft SE.

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