Windows 7 XP Mode availability

  tallboy 21:31 13 Dec 2009

I have a new 64-bit Windows 7 Professional PC. I also have a couple of 32-bit XP 'legacy' programs I would like to run on it.

I have checked the machine's Virtualisation capability using the appropriate Microsoft tool and this checks out OK.

When I try to download the Microsoft XP Mode software from their website and select the 64-bit OS, the language box will not let me select any options. (Which needs to be N for the UK) If I select the 32-bit version of Windows 7, I can select the language option.

Are the two programs I need available from another website or is the XP Mode software not available for the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional?

  User-1229748 00:58 14 Dec 2009

i havn't seen this xp mode for myself but in this thread a user seems to suggest thst it is the 32bit that is used.apologies if wrong. click here

  robin_x 01:53 14 Dec 2009

Useful info? here. Havent tried it yet.
click here

I have new W7 laptop, connecting to web via XP PC.

Still plucking up courage to upgrade the PC to W7.

Lexmark X74 Printer won't work 64 bit...definite. But will it work 32 bit? Also reports English problems when trying to install.
Modem is not supported either. XP drivers are final.
Upgrade pack (unopened) contains 32 and 64 bit Cds.

What to do? Virtual PC is one option. This link is very informative. 3 pages.

Will keep my XP "gateway" for a while. If I lose the modem I am stuffed.

Of course can upgrade and if nothing works, reinstall XP on the PC. But it is a right faff and many hours.

  tallboy 14:13 14 Dec 2009

Thanks for your replies smackheadz & robinofloxley. Ironically, when I went back to the Microsoft Virtual XP web page this morning (click here) I was able to enter 'English' in the language box and download the two software items you need to add Virtual XP to your Windows 7 PC.

I have now installed these and it works OK. I have also managed to load the first of my 'legacy' programs (PsiWin2 backup software for my Psion Revo Plus PDA - written in 2000) and this installed OK.

However, my new PC does not have an RS232C communications port - which is needed for the Psion docking station. I have purchased an RS232C to USB conversion cable, but so far, I can't get either Windows 7 or Virtual XP to recognise it. If you have any tips on getting such converters to work, please let me know. (It came with a driver disk, but this doesn't seem to help with Windows 7)

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