windows 7 and xp on acer aspire 1

  User-D3232569-1320-4C7B-AE83334A30EC87C9 11:01 02 Aug 2010

my wife recently was given an Acer Aspire 1 notebook running windows 7 starter.(Father passed away) our home pc runs xp. she is starting her masters degree soon and it would be helpfull if she could use both. Question, is it possible to install xp onto the Acer instead of win 7 and if so how, as there is no disc drive.

  tullie 13:23 02 Aug 2010

External usb drive,around £30

if i open the xp disc on an external drive, will it just install over, and replace windows 7 on the Acer?

  howard64 15:16 02 Aug 2010

do you need to change anything? I have just started using w7 and am impressed with how similar it is to xp. What you need to establish is what progs she will need for her degree and will they run on both systems. The most likely is that she will need an office prog and there is no reason why she cannot have the same on each pc. I am still using office 2000 and it works the same on xp and w7. Hope this helps.

  Batch 19:19 02 Aug 2010

I installed XP one an Aspire One netbook from a USB pen drive (which was a bit more convoluted than using USB CD drive).

However one problem you may run into is that the Aspire One may (will?) have a SATA hard disk drive and Windows XP SP2 or earlier does not include SATA drivers.

So on top of getting the XP install pack to boot and run of a pen drive I had to download and merge 2 sets of SATA drivers into the XP install pack (2 sets because a "text" mode set of SATA drivers is needed during the install and a standard set of SATA drivers is needed thereafter).

Another issue that I ran into is that the netbook, as supplied, had a hidden recovery partition before the OS partition (so that the OS was on the second partition) AND I chose to leave the recovery partition in situ just in case. As a consequence, the XP install got confused and set boot.ini to look for the Windows folder to be on the first partition (when in fact it was on the second). After the install, this caused Windows to fail to load properly (reported a missing file - I can't remember which, which was due to not finding the Windows folder). I got round this by booting in Recovery mode and editing boot.ini.

And, of course, you would need a set of various drivers to install (e.g. Sound, Card Reader, LAN, WiFi, Camera, Touchpad) but these should all be downloadable from Acer website [I did]).

  Batch 19:20 02 Aug 2010

Oh! BTW, making sure I had located the right SATA drivers took a bit of doing as well.

  Batch 16:30 04 Aug 2010

Another consideration is the Product Key - unless you have "spare" one for the version of XP that you want to use.

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