Windows 7 x86 = x64?

  superking112 09:24 30 May 2010

hi all,

i just installed windows 7 ultimate x64, when i right click my computer and go to properties it brings up system and it says system operating type: 64 bit.

but when i install applications etc it installs them under programme files x86, is my pc runnning x86 version of windows? should i reinstall? is there a lappse in performance? is it just a naming error?

thank you for your time and input!


  birdface 09:38 30 May 2010

I believe that is normal.
No doubt someone will be able to give you the proper information that you want.

  Forum Editor 09:49 30 May 2010

and neither is it a naming error.

X86 is a generic name for the family of Intel computer processors that started way back in 1982 with the Intel 80286 chip.

Rest easy - there's nothing to worry about.

  superking112 09:52 30 May 2010

hmm.. but i have amd phenom ii x6 black, should i still not worry about it?

  Forum Editor 09:56 30 May 2010

you shouldn't. It has nothing to do with the type of processor in your machine.

  bremner 10:07 30 May 2010

64 Bit versions of Windows operating systems have had two Program File folders since XP64.

64 bit programs go into Program Files.

32 bit programs go into Program Files x86

  superking112 10:18 30 May 2010

oh i see now, thanks everyone!

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