Windows 7 wrecked my laptop

  highside 07:50 05 Nov 2009

Could use some urgent help please.
Upgrade to Win 7 from Vista Home Premium.
First before installing 7 I used upgrade advisor several times & did what it suggested ie added some RAM (have 4GB now - laptop) Did all the usual cleanups etc.
Installed 7 yesterday and it found other things to be deleted before install. Two min or unused programs were removed also reluctantly I removed ATI Catalyst install manager because Win & said so but said it could be reinstalled later.
OK installation seemed togo well but on completion,

1) Norton 360 v3 no longer works and Win7 has blocked one of Nortons files as being uncompatible so now I have no protection.
2) My desktop has huge icons and the screen resolution is enforced at 800X600.

Why doesnt upgrade advisor tell you that norton is not compatible, am I going to get infections whilst looking for another protector?
(using another PC for this help request)

I am hoping the display fault is because ATI was removed??? If so how do I get it back?

Many thanks for looking

  gengiscant 08:29 05 Nov 2009

Download the drivers for your graphics card from here,
click here

This may solve your Norton problem.
click here

  highside 09:30 05 Nov 2009

Thanks for that, I updated Norton but it has downloaded all in Austrian language despite starting off on English cant find out anything because I cant read the menus although it appears to be working ie all boxes green.

ref: the display, found your link but not yet sure what to select, my device manager says 'Standard VGA
Graphics adapter' since Win 7 took over.

  gengiscant 12:32 05 Nov 2009

If you tell me your laptop make/model I will have a look for the graphics driver for you.

  highside 13:43 05 Nov 2009

Thanks gengiscant, have made some progress.
Followed your link and downloaded 'ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 series' adaptor. Seems OK wouldnt mind you checking though.
Samsung R60 plus laptop.

Have got Norton working in English everything is green but Win 7 continues to say the driver is incompatible?

Given up trying to update via Norton site as it keeps changing from English to Austrian during the download.

Strange thing is that along the way via your links I found a statement that the Win 7 update should be done automaticlly when you do a Norton liveupdate from within the Norton menu, hasnt done in my case obviosly.


  gengiscant 15:19 05 Nov 2009

These are the drivers for your here
If you scroll down you will see your graphics driver,but if your monitor is fine just leave it.

As for Norton, it probably would have been better to have uninstalled it the reinstalled after you had upgraded to Windows7.You might want a look here. click here

  highside 15:29 05 Nov 2009

Uninstalled and reinstalled about six times same result.

Latest is I turn on Sonar Protection but a few secs later it turns itself off hence a red cross on the Norton Logo and a message th the effect.

Every time I go to the update site (as per the link you gave) it tells me there is an update, I ensure English is selected and download starts but everytime it converts all my Norton program to what I think is Austrian, I then guess the menu to complete the download (as it will not stop)and end up with a Norton Program in foriegn lingo. I think if I could get the update it might clear Win 7s objection to Norton. Why wont it load in English is the question?

It looks like other paople have trouble with this Sonar file, my old laptop accepts it (XP)

guess it is a Win 7 problem I never heard of it until I downloaded 7

  gengiscant 18:06 05 Nov 2009

You could try here

  pa1916 18:26 05 Nov 2009

I had no problem installing Windows 7 even on my oldest computer 10 years old,i did a clean install
i used Kill disk to wipe the computer and used the full version you will require this if you have done a full wipe.
I found i did not require my mobo disk as W7 found the drivers.

  pa1916 18:27 05 Nov 2009

Sorry for error should have read full version
of Windows 7.

  highside 11:10 07 Nov 2009

My only problem at present is with Norton 360 V3, been to Norton live downloads plus manual.
Win 7 (this is widely documented by others on the web) blocks Symantic Driver 'Heuristics symantic.
Win 7 states that the version of Norton is not suitable and that driver makes Win 7 unstable (havent written out the exact words but near as makes no difference) Win 7 says go to Manufacturer (Norton for updated version)

It seems all to do with Sonar Advanced Protection which can be tirned on in 360 but turns itself off again within 5 minutes.This means that the PC Security box of Norton has a red cross on it which can only be removed for a short time.

This is fine on my XP machine.

Gengiscant thanks have used the removal tool several times no difference.

Looking at ads for 360 on the web cannot find one which lists Win 7 in the requirement lists.(Up to Vista only)

Going to look into Norton Security 2010 which does list Win 7

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