Windows 7 wont turn usb drives off ... need help 17:43 28 Aug 2010

Hi there ,
I believe that many of us have come across this problem in Vista and windows 7 . Windows wont turn usb power off from you plugged drive when you use safly remove tool. I wonder if somebody has a way to do that so they can help me . I was thinking of

trying to do that through group policy , registry , turning off some features like ready boost or bitlocker .

Await for your advise


  T0SH 18:06 28 Aug 2010

Windows 7 unlike XP does not turn off access Led`s on external USB drives or card readers but once you have used the safe to remove hardware feature you will no longer have access to the device until it has been unplugged and re-plugged

Cheers HC 18:10 28 Aug 2010

yes i know this but your hdd will spin as the power still in it which would make it bit risky to remove it . Therefore , i m tryong to find a hack arround it


  gazzaho 22:27 28 Aug 2010

I think you're being overly cautious, if it says the device can be safely removed then remove it. I've used it countless times over the years to remove drives, at the moment I use it to swap internal drives via a hot docking enclosure and I've yet to have a drive loose data never mind do actual drive damage.

As long as the drive isn't accessing data when switching off power shouldn't cause any problems, the thing is it's not always easy to tell when the drive is in use, using safely remove guarantees the drive is being unused.

I've had external drives fail in the past through broken power supplies or controller hardware, 2 Freecom and one Buffalo to be exact and the drives themselves are working flawlessly in new enclosures. 17:02 29 Aug 2010

Dear friends,

I have looked into other PC that was running windows 7 , and they dont have that issue at all .

Any ideas please to solve it ?

  T0SH 19:03 29 Aug 2010

Simple answer is to buy a PC the same make and model as the ones you say you know of that do not exibit the issue you have taken exception to

Cheers HC

  VoG II 19:20 29 Aug 2010

OK, I have two external drives & Windows 7 64 bit.

From my experiments on your behalf, using Safely Remove Hardware disables read/write access to the drive but does not power it down. I would think that the ability to do this would depend on the firmware installed on the drive plus perhaps properties of the drive itself.

FWIW I am an Unplug n Pray merchant and have never come to grief (but of course I wouldn't unplug during a r/w operation). 19:31 29 Aug 2010

Ok ,
buying another PC just to solve this problem would nt be realstic , otherwise we will buy a new pc whenever we have a problem with .

With respect to the firmware , I tried the same device which is a usb stick and the same pc which has got 2 OS ( XP and 7 ) and windows xp managed to turn it off but not 7. Also I had some people having this proble with even worse senario , the had their external hdd stay spining on 7 . This is issue was not on a notebook running windows 7 home .

Many thnks 09:27 31 Aug 2010

Hi again ,

Just thought to update abut this issue as i did some further investigation . I managed to get the sort of window on 7 to stop the usb devices which is the same on xp , and when i press STOP!! I get a message syaing that this device is not portable and cant be unbluged or removed !!! . Additionally, when I reject it , I get one of usb devices in device manager having fault notice !!!.

Hope this will lead to sort of solution .

Kind regards

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