Windows 7 upgrade survival guide

  sputnick 15:10 07 Dec 2009

I am a little confused with the latest newsletter.
It appears to say that you can use W7 upgrade disk to upgrade from XP to W7.
I thought you had to do a clean install if choosing this route.
Presumably if you wanted to install a new hard drive you would have to do a clean install anyway.
If that is the case would you have to buy a retail copy of w7.
I have W7 RC on the drive at the moment and was going to re format to give a clean drive before installing W7

  GaT7 17:42 07 Dec 2009

Yes, you're right that you will need to do a clean install of Win7 on an XP system, as there's no direct upgrade path. Apparently, the upgrade version will check if there's a legitimate, activated copy of Windows on the PC before it lets one proceed (someone might be able to confirm if this is true or not).

Well, on a new hard disk it would appear that one would have to (going by the above) install XP first & then Win7, but there are ways around this click here.

Doesn't have to be retail - you can buy an OEM copy if you like as well. The big downside with OEM is that one cannot transfer the licence to another PC if the original PC dies. Retail licences can be transferred an unlimited amount of times, as long as it is uninstalled from the previous system. G

  sputnick 19:33 07 Dec 2009

Thats a very good link, thanks.
Surely though if a full retail copy was used you would be able to install to a completely re formatted as new hard drive without having to go through the upgrade route and not have to worry about any previous O/S.
Or am I trying to be too simple.

  GaT7 19:40 07 Dec 2009

Yes, you're right. A full retail product (as against retail upgrade) will not require a previous OS.

Full Retail click here

Retail upgrade click here

OEM click here (comes in either 32 / 64-bit. The others have both versions in the package)


  GaT7 19:41 07 Dec 2009

The eBuyer links are provided as an example only & may not be the cheapest prices. G

  sputnick 20:04 07 Dec 2009

Thanks, I know where I stand now.
A retail copy.

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