windows 7 upgrade

  stormrider123 19:20 02 Aug 2010

hi everyone I have a pc which used to have windows xp on it then I didn't like windows xp so I switched to Linux and installed ubuntu because it was free but after a while i started missing all my windows programs I know there are many replacements but there's nothing better then a the original windows version of it and so I want to install windows 7 and delete ubuntu is this possible and if so how ant what steps should I take.

start of buy telling me which version of windows 7 I should get and I really need to save up to get a new phone so nothing over around £120
any help is apreciated

  stormrider123 19:26 02 Aug 2010

I forgot to post in question how well would it work on my computer because I have only got 512MB of ram and the minimum is 1GB so would it still work

  birdface 19:36 02 Aug 2010

Going with this it should work.

click here

  stormrider123 19:41 02 Aug 2010

so does this mean I can successfully install windows 7 on my computer.

also forgot to mention this earlier
i want to go with the 32bit edition is this ok with 512mb of ram

  rawprawn 19:52 02 Aug 2010

Sounds as though Vista Home Basic would be your best bet.
Your spec will not support Winows 7.
click here

  rawprawn 19:54 02 Aug 2010

buteman may be right, but I wouldn't want to see you spend money on W7 only to find it won't work.

  stormrider123 20:05 02 Aug 2010

so just to make sure

so vista home basic 32bit would be perfect for a 512MB ram system

  stormrider123 20:16 02 Aug 2010

if vista home basic works is this the one in this link good

click here

  birdface 20:26 02 Aug 2010

Just going with my first click here.
W/7 actually uses less memory than Vista.

I know nothing about it just what I read.

As Myself and rawprawn are not 100% sure maybe wait for another opinion before you buy anything.
I do think that you would struggle with the 512 Mb I know mine worked Ok when using XP with the same amount of memory.

  rawprawn 20:57 02 Aug 2010

buteman is right, don't spend any money until you are absolutely sure, I have not run any computer with only 512 Mb since I had Windows 98 so I cannot definitely say.

  Why wont it work 23:41 02 Aug 2010

I don't think it is worth upgrading the computer to a newer version of Windows unless you are prepared to upgrade the RAM. Vista would be horrific with only 512MB (it's usually still quite bad with double that), and while Windows 7 is a much better operating system, I don't think it would run particularly well either. 512MB just isn't really enough anymore for a 'modern' operating system.

On a similar note, what is the spec of the rest of the computer? If the processor is getting on a bit or just plain gutless putting Vista or Windows 7 on it probably wouldn't help matters at all!

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