Windows 7 upgrade

  Alan-Petrie 16:55 18 Oct 2009

I have decided to jump off the vista ship and onto the new shiny windows 7 boat :)

I have vista 32bit home premium

I bought windows 7 64bit home premium (I think you can see where this is going)

I had planned to do an upgrade and keep all of my data as is. However when I insert the disc it tells me that its not compatible and I need to boot from the disc and do a clean install.

Is there anyway around this? Thanks Alan.

  sunnystaines 17:07 18 Oct 2009

read my thread here but got to the last couple of entries only
click here

  sunnystaines 18:04 18 Oct 2009

I have spent ages trawling google to find ways around the new clean install with no luck. might be worth waiting till after 22/10 till the upgrade discs are circulated and the experts play around to see if they can get the double install or some other way around it.

I am not keen for my vista key to be killed off during upgrade so i too am waiting.

  mfletch 18:07 18 Oct 2009

You should have used windows 7 32bit home premium

Not 64bit


Ive done a upgrade to windows 7 ultimate and have had no problems except I had to uninstall two programs

  Alan-Petrie 19:32 18 Oct 2009

So if I had a 32bit disc and tried that, it would allow me to upgrade, however it would make my vista key inactive ?

  sharpamat 19:42 18 Oct 2009

Just wondered where you purchased your windows 7 from just looked om Msoft and its not out till 22nd

  Alan-Petrie 20:32 18 Oct 2009

I bought a serial code off of ebay, I was told that it would work for any single version of windows 7 home premium

  sharpamat 08:30 19 Oct 2009

Think I would look a little closer at this. The only windows7 that I am aware is available is the RC which is time limited.and in a short time will be disabled

buying a serial off ebay I would have doubts about it may be genuine but microsoft has stated the date is 22nd Oct

That leaves your disc and the scource. From what I have read. The offical one has both 32 and 64 bit on the disc. ( till someone has a copy its unknown

But the RC when it was available cound be downloaded in either the 32 or 64 and eacg download had its own serial number

  birdface 09:00 19 Oct 2009

Windows7 is not out for a few days yet.Just wondering where you got it from as it cannot be the proper disc.
As far as I know it is not out yet to the public.

  birdface 09:06 19 Oct 2009

Sorry never noticed you got it from E-bay.
Well that should be interesting to see if it works properly.
I have my doubts whether it can be the full new version most likely the trial version.

  Alan-Petrie 16:17 19 Oct 2009

This item is a genuine retail license key for Windows 7 Home Premium
It works with Both x64 and x86.

This is only a license key, and it will only work for the final version of Windows 7 Home Premium (not beta or RC).
No installation CD will be mailed.
The key will be emailed within 24 hours of payment.

Please note: This is a licence key for the Genuine FULL version of Windows Home Premium, not the cheap upgrade only versions and as such can be used on a new install, OR an upgrade from another operating system.

The Operating system Will pass Microsoft Verification, and will get updates from Microsoft for as long as you have the key installed.

The keys were bought direct from Microsoft, and the licence I got with them allows me to transfer the key, and that right will be passed onto you automatically.

I had my doubt at first, however he seems confident its a real code, do you thinik I should phone microsoft and find out what they have to say about it ?

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