Windows 7 updates just keep coming

  thumbscrew 22:55 11 Jun 2013

I recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7 and I'm astonished by the number and frequency of Microsoft updates that I receive. Whereas XP pretty much only updated on Patch Tuesday,I now get updates every few days and they're still arriving. Can anyone explain why there are so many, so often?

  Batch 12:21 12 Jun 2013

If you have Windows Defender running, the malware signature updates for it come every few days via Windows Update. That may well explain your situation.

I find it a bit of a pain as I don't want 'normal' Windows Updates to install automatically, just notify. But I'd prefer Windows Defender signature updates to install automatically (just like my Avast ones do). But seems you can't have it both ways.

  thumbscrew 15:40 12 Jun 2013

Thanks Jock. Batch, had another seven today...this is becoming silly! I've just checked and found Defender turned on. I'm unsure if I should disable it....any negatives if I do?

  nickf 16:15 13 Jun 2013

If you do decide to turn off windows defender , please make sure you have an anti-virus program running

  Batch 17:15 13 Jun 2013

Windows Defender is more of an anti spyware / malware software app than being an anti-virus. See

If you haven't got any other similar software I'd suggest keeping Defender (as well as a good anti-virus). Apart from the frequent updates I don't find Defender intrusive.

The 7 updates you've reported above will probably be due to Microsoft's monthly roll-out of updates that happens on 2nd Tuesday of the month.

  thumbscrew 18:57 13 Jun 2013

Thanks Batch, Jock and Nick...I've still got Avast, wouldn't that suffice?

  nickf 20:11 13 Jun 2013

I agree with Jock1e , I can certainly recommend malwarebytes .

  Batch 20:28 14 Jun 2013


"One good point about Windows Defender is that it runs in real-time mode, unlike most other free anti-spyware programs.

SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware are probably the best freebies but they don't work in real-time mode (the paid-for versions do)."

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