Windows 7 unable to boot, even to safe mode, please help

  4dvz 19:02 02 Mar 2015


For a week I have been trying my best to solve this issue with my pc, and lost my hope yesterday. So far during the 12 years of my life that I have owned a computer I have been able to google all the problems and sort them out but this got the best of me;

One morning I tried to boot, Windows gave me this blue screen when the Windows logo shows up, before the window where you select the user type your password and sign in: "initialization of the dynamic link library winsrv failed" It repeats every time I try to boot. "blue screen flashes so fast before shutting down I had to videorec my screen to read the text" Here are some facts that hopefully give you ideas about what could I try next:

-I tried to boot into safe mode. First of all I had to force it from the command prompt to even try because there was no option to do it like in normal situations, but same blue screen came up. So safe mode won`t help. - I tried windows recovery disk`s automatic repair function, did not help. It just says that it cannot repair this computer. - Command prompt is unable to execute the "sfc /scannow". It says "There is a system repair pending which requires reboot". -> Doing the automatic system repair in the startup wont unpend it, its just an endless cycle of a pending system repair. -> I even tried some longer command prompt commands to bypass that, and propably managed to do it but the answer was something like "unable to process the service", and it couldn`t start. (I was heavily attempting to do this in hope of it being able to fix this). - It seems like this is not a damaged-hardware issue because I tried another hard drive with my rig and it worked out perfectly, so it rules out all the other components than HD. AND in the command prompt "chkdsk" detects no problems in my hard drive, I did the check multiple times, so it would suggest that HD is alive, just unable to boot.

Im not an expert in command prompt, in fact this is the 2nd time I have been in a situation where I needed to access it due to being unable to boot, so I dont really know what I`m doing.

Please if you have any clues about this, help me out. I would re-install windows if my HD was not full of important stuff I want to keep.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:24 02 Mar 2015

How to Recover from an Infinitely Looping Startup Repair Loop without Reinstalling Windows

click here

  4dvz 15:57 05 Mar 2015

Thank you for your post. I did everything successfully what was suggested in your link, but unfortunately it did not sort out my issue. And sfc /Scannow still fails because of a pending system repair.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 05 Mar 2015

from a command prompt type

dism.exe /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions

rebooted the machine into Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, open an elevated command prompted and issued the SFC /scannow command and it should run.

  4dvz 12:14 06 Mar 2015

Thank you again for helping. "dism.exe /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions" resulted in following;

"error: 2

Unable to access the image. Make sure that the image path and the Windows directory for the image exists and you have Read permissions on the folded.

The DISM log file can be found at x:\windows\logs\dism\dism.log"

I changed C to D and it completed the operation.

I can`t boot into safe mode, blue screen still kills it. I accessed Command Prompt again from the system repair disk, and it failed again because of the pending system repair.

I also tried moving pending.xml and reboot.xml (I readed that someone solved the pending-issue by doing this) from d:\windows\winsxs\ to D:\ but didnt help. I read somewhere that you should not delete those files, so I tried moving them to another folder, I dont know if I should move them to completely another drive..

  Daisy_Michael 13:11 06 Mar 2015

I'd recommend you to dismantle the memory modules, blow down a bit of gentle air and put them back in, unplug the power & data cables from your HDD, blow down some gentle air & plug them back; What-else, unplug the graphics cards blow down a bit of gentle air & put that back in.

BSOD can also be due to some HARDWARE issues as well & what I have referred may help (if that would be the case).

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