Windows 7, Ubuntu and Grub

  DJ Techz 15:58 09 Jul 2010


I am planning on installing Ubuntu (using WUBI) but I still want Windows 7 as my default OS when i turn on the laptop but have the option to start into Ubuntu.

How can I do this

Thanks in advance


  skeletal 17:20 09 Jul 2010

You need a boot manager to fettle the Windows 7 bootloader. Check out:

click here;jsessionid=E073896C23997AB59CBC0DEEA09B0E80

I used this software in my marathon of sorting out an SSD (I will post this War and Peace epic when I’ve finished writing it up; a future treat for all forum members). It did crash a few times, but always seemed to make the required change, then crash. Also, I was getting myself into a right mess; doing something “simple” like setting up a dual boot should not cause anywhere near as much grief.

At least you can read about what you need to do from the link, even if you try other software.


  skeletal 17:22 09 Jul 2010

The link seems to have got slightly screwed up, but clicking on the “Click here” still worked for me. I don’t know why the other stuff appeared outside of the "Click here".


  Zeppelyn 20:01 09 Jul 2010

I dont do Linux and correct me if Im wrong but I thought the whole idea of Wubi was that it installs Ubuntu within Windows and not on a separate partition.

  ams4127 20:34 09 Jul 2010

I'm running Ubuntu installed using Wubi under Win7 64bit. Ubuntu will offer to install the Grub bootloader. This will then give you the option of booting to whichever system you want. If you then install "Startup Manager" in Ubuntu you can select which system boot as default.

Wubi doesn't exactly instll Ubuntu "within" Windows as such. Rather it reserves itself a small partition on the Windows boot disk and indtalls on that.

  ams4127 20:35 09 Jul 2010

"Installs" even!!

  Miké 20:46 09 Jul 2010

Install the Grub bootloader on the linux partition, then boot into windows and reconfigure the windows bootloader to offer Ubuntu as an option.

  DJ Techz 21:57 09 Jul 2010

Thanks for all the help

On my laptop (without changing any settings) i get the Windows Boot Loader that offers me Windows 7 first then Ubuntu. Then if i select Ubuntu, I get the GRUB bootloader asking whether i want to boot into:-
Ubuntu Recovery Mode
Windows Vista (???????? Not even installed on machine but i had to run Wubi in compatibility mode so it worked so that probably explains that)
Windows 7
Windows Memory Diagnostics

anyway, it works fine for me

Thanks again for all the advice

Ryan :)

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