windows 7 system restore ??

  Petesilver 20:49 29 Jul 2010

I have acronis 2010 true image but just upgraded to windows 7 so would you still recommend I install my copy of acronis just wondered if it was still a better option ??

  c4rm0 21:02 29 Jul 2010

keeping regular backups via a image is always a better option than using system restore. You might have one occasion where system restore doesnt work or you cant the boot the OS.

  Petesilver 22:17 29 Jul 2010

I am asking about windows program that can do a complete system copy

  AlanHo 23:17 29 Jul 2010

I would most certainly install Acronis and back up your system to an external hard drive.

I use Acronis to back up my C: drive (which has the OS and all programs installed) weekly.

My D: drive which stores all my data, is backed up to my external hard drive daily using a program called Second Copy.

  vinnyT 01:34 30 Jul 2010

Acronis is all I use, I've turned system restore off.

  rawprawn 07:26 30 Jul 2010

Windows 7 Backup (a different thing to system restore)is good, it will backup both Data and the whole System.
However I prefer Acronis which will get you out of a problem even if you can't boot your machine and is well proven. It has saved my bacon many times.

  Petesilver 12:16 30 Jul 2010

thanks everyone for you comments I think I will stick to ATI as I am use to it, it has save my bacon to on more than one occassion.

  gazzaho 13:33 30 Jul 2010

Windows 7 has a complete disk backup system, much the same as ATI 2010 built into the OS. I myself however use ATI as I have used it for a few years and know it works for me, I haven't used the Windows 7 one for backups so can't comment on it's effectiveness.

  jjss 15:09 30 Jul 2010

I trialed the Win7 backup prog for a couple of months. It's good as rawprawn mentioned, so much so that I've not bothered upgrading my Aconis. Win7 backup has got me out of several problems (self made) with no trouble at all. You do need to create a System Repair Disc though (look in Start/All Programs/Maintance folder)incase you have start up problems. Save your money.


  David4637 15:34 30 Jul 2010

I have heard that W7image backup takes VERY much longer than Acronis, can you confirm this?
Are ther any other snags with the W7 version, as you have now experience of both backup systems?
Thanks David

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