Windows 7 professional 64 bit - will not boot

  Storic12 16:08 01 Mar 2015

Having set my bios to boot from DVDRW and inserted Windows 7 CD (genuine) I get an error message asking for a boot disk. Out of curiosity I inserted Windows XP professional into the drive and the computer booted straight away. Why won't Windows 7 install? Help please.

  robin_x 16:32 01 Mar 2015

If it's a CD, it's a fake (or a Repair Disk or just W7 Service Pack 1 Update maybe).

If it's a DVD, maybe it's old or damaged or dirty.

Do you have a working machine to see what's on it?

It should look like this and the DVD shouldn't scrabble around trying to be read (ie damage or dirt or old disk or drive)

click here so, see if you can use Imgburn to make a boot copy iso of the DVD, then burn to new blank DVD.

(right click iso for burn options)

click here


  robin_x 16:38 01 Mar 2015

Jock- You boot from CD/DVD for full/clean install.

You run setup.exe, when in Windows, from the CD/DVD drive or the hard drive, for a Repair Install (In-place Upgrade)

Doesn't matter if laptop or PC.

  Storic12 16:41 01 Mar 2015

Robintheumpteenth: This is a genuine copy of Windows 7 in a DVD case and incorporated in a Microsoft cardboard sleeve. It is an OEM version with the serial number. Thanks for you tips. I shall try them. Meanwhile, everything that could have gone wrong with this new build has, so thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 01 Mar 2015

Windows 7 CD - windows 7 will be on a DVD

XP is on a CD

will your player play any DVDs?

  Storic12 17:50 01 Mar 2015

Fruit Bat /\0/\: The DVDRW is a brand new Plextor PX-891SAW. I actually had the same trouble with a version of Windows 7 professional 32 bit on my old computer. I thought it was a fault with the IDE drives, but obviously not. Oh well, the damn thing will probably catch fire next - it's done everything else!! Thanks for your help.

  robin_x 18:27 01 Mar 2015

It's not a UEFI/GPT machine with Secure/Safe Boot that your downgrading is it?

Just a thought. I've no idea what boot disks are allowed in those cases or what error messages might be displayed.

If it is, downgrade any security restrictions you can find in BIOS and allow any legacy modes.

  bumpkin 18:42 01 Mar 2015

I had a very similar problem just about 2 wks ago, it would not boot from my original DVD no matter what. There was no apparent physical damage to it or to the copy I had made but neither would work in 3 different DVD drives. In the end I downloaded the ISO and made another disk which worked first time. I don't think that it is still available from Microsoft but someone very recently posted a link to another site, I think it may have been FruitBat but not 100% sure. I will try to find it.

  Bris 20:05 01 Mar 2015

A dvd drive has 2 lasers one for CDs and the other for DVDs.

If the XP disc you tried that worked was a CD then it could be that the DVD laser is faulty.

Are you sure the disc you have is a W7 install disc and not an upgrade disc. I believe that upgrade discs are not bootable.

Your drive may require a firmware update.

Try downloading a Linux ISO such as Ubuntu or Mint, burn it to a DVD and try booting from it.

A long shot but I have known the following to work for some strange reason when all else fails: there should be an F key option in the BIOS to select the boot device on power up without changing the BIOS settings, in my BIOS its F12.

  Storic12 09:17 02 Mar 2015

Thanks to everyone for their help. It's a while since I was on PC Advisor forums and I appreciate the time you all give to those struggling like me. I have only built a new computer because this one and the spare (identical, but the 32 bit version)are getting too heavy to move around. Update: I have managed to install Windows 7 professional 64 bit after formatting the 1TB drive with Windows XP. Why it suddenly decided to boot, I don't know, but up came another problem, the motherboard support CD drivers were incompatible with the 64bit O/S. It is an Asus M5A78L-M USB3 Micro ATX form factor - to fit smaller cube computer case - and obviously older than I thought. Will further update you good people after installing downloaded drivers. Thanks again, you can polish your halos. :-)

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