Windows 7 pre-order discount

  Number six 22:52 10 Jul 2009

Microsoft are apparently offering the FULL RETAIL versions for £49/£99 if you pre-order before 9th August. However, reading their FAQ page, they state that you need to be running an already installed version of XP or Vista, which suggests that it will act like an upgrade version which will check your currently installed OS before performing the install. Can anyone clarify? Could I build a new system and install the discount version?

  GaT7 22:55 10 Jul 2009

"Could I build a new system and install the discount version?" - Yes.

Please see this post too: Pre Order offers - Retail or OEM - click here

Windows 7 Forum: click here. G

  Number six 23:24 10 Jul 2009

Hi Crossbow7. Oops! Missed that earlier post. Will also try and phone MS to confirm. Thanks for response.

  Stuartli 00:05 11 Jul 2009

PC World, Dixons, Currys etc are apparently going to offer the discounted version.

  gazzaho 00:31 11 Jul 2009

The thing is, because of the law they can't release an upgrade version in Europe that will install over an existing OS. The European version doesn't install IE8 and testing hasn't been done to see if it will work properly, this testing would have delayed the release so MS decided to release it without the upgrade ability. The retail version you mention for £49/£99 is in fact the pre-order price for the upgrade version.

As far as I can make out the European version will act like an upgrade version even though you will not be able to install it over an existing OS. It also won't have IE installed and I'm guessing you will have to acquire it separately, either through retail or perhaps download and install it after installing the OS.

The release of this OS, it would seem to me, is becoming overly complicated, one reason why I'm not jumping on the waggon straight away.

If I'm wrong about this I'm sure someone here will clarify it, perhaps the FE may be able to.

  lotvic 22:01 11 Jul 2009

from the FAQ click here (
<<How do I know if I am eligible for this offer?
<<To be eligible for the offer, you need to be running a genuine copy of the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems

I read that as meaning you qualify for the pre-order discount price only if you already own genuine XP or Vista.
There will probably be a box to tick or something on the order form.

<<How many copies of Windows 7 can I order?
<<You can order up to three copies each of Windows 7 Home Premium E and Professional E with this promotion.

<<I am running Windows XP, can I upgrade to Windows 7?
<<We recommend that you experience Windows 7 on a new PC. Before installing Windows 7 on your PC, please review the system requirements. While we don't recommend it, you can opt to upgrade your current PC from Windows XP or another operating system to Windows 7. We recommend that you get help with this process from your local computer service provider. You'll need to back up your current files and settings, perform a custom (clean) installation, and then reinstall your files, settings, and programs. In addition, E and N editions of Windows 7 do not include Windows Internet Explorer 8. We recommend that you get an Internet browser from Microsoft or another software manufacturer and have it available on a CD/DVD or other media so you can install it after you install Windows 7. Please visit for important information

"" While we don't recommend it, you can opt to upgrade your current PC from Windows XP or another operating system to Windows 7.""

I read that as saying don't wipe your existing OS. Instead use a different harddrive or new pc for clean install.
You need to format partition as part of the clean install.

Compare Editions click here

  Number six 22:30 13 Jul 2009

where there is another ongoing thread click here. Hopefully the FE will be able to give us a definite answer. Thanks to all who responded.

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