Windows 7 partitioning external drive

  compumac 15:51 02 Oct 2010

Probably/maybe purchasing a Windows 7 PC very shortly. Any comments on the capability or otherwise of the inbuilt Windows 7 partitioning? Also if this is practical, can that inbuilt facility partition an external hard drive? Alternatively what are the best options? I do want to partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 02 Oct 2010

To answer your questions in order

Windows 7 disk management = good



I'm afraid I cannot mind read :0)
however I only partition to separate my operating system from my data in case of a windows crash, my data is split into folders for ease of finding.

  compumac 17:18 02 Oct 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\
I stated that - I want to partition - because inevitably when someone asks questions about partitioning, there will be comments made that it is a needless exercise. I have different partitions as you do for the system and my own data, plus external drives for backups of data and Acronis images.
I read into your reply that the Windows 7 partitioning is an adequate facility thereby not requiring a third party software?

  compumac 17:33 02 Oct 2010

Final (?) query on Windows 7. I seem to recollect reading somewhere about possible problems when networking a Windows 7 PC with XP PC's, any comments out there?

  rsignals 22:49 02 Oct 2010

Hi compumac, see click here for an excellent guide on networking W7 with previous versions.

  compumac 23:12 02 Oct 2010

Thanks for link. Had actually seen this but prior to that had printed out similar article. However I have just printed out your link. Purchasing Windows PC tomorrow and now forearmed.

  robin_x 00:00 03 Oct 2010

Disk management is fine but I prefer EASEUS or Partion Wizard.

click here

Networking is both a doddle and a pain in the arse.

My new W7 laptop more or less set itself up to see my XP desktop (can't remember if I ran Network Setup Wizard on the XP machine to see the new laptop.

Public and Shared folders are easiest to see between them.

But I did setup shortcuts to see Desktops on other machines etc.

Upgraded XP to W7 and that networks to W7 very easily. Also added another old XP laptop.

Somewhere in last few weeks I have screwed my permissions up and back to just sharing public folders and the printer.

I can still use LogMeIn and/or VNC and/or Teamviewer to get access though.

I'll sort it all out one day. But I do find W7 has a mind of its own with Permissions/Special Permissions/Sharing/Advanced Sharing/Inheritance and Ownership.

I am more or less the only user on these 3 machines.

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