Windows 7, or wait for 8?

  stlucia2 16:06 29 Nov 2011

I've been away a while, but just before I left I was having a problem with MS Office ( which seemingly can only be cured by reformatting my HDD and resinstalling everything (unless anyone has found a simpler solution in the meantime).

Anyway, I've stuck with Windows XP all the while, because some of my software and hardware was incompatible with Windows 7, but in recent months I've been updating the old stuff for various reasons, and now I believe everything could run under Windows 7.

What advantage(s) will I see if I update to 7; and should I wait for 8, which I believe will be available shortly? My PC has an Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4600+ and 3GB RAM.

  sharpamat 16:37 29 Nov 2011

Personally I would wait with Win 8 expected next year.It is presumed will not require as much memory and is reputed to make better use of the system As for older programs I have found no problems installing them either to Win 7 or the developer preview of Win 8 useing either compability or adminstrater rights. On the later I did find some problems ( also with Win 7 ) with some hardwear drivers. However I even loaded my trusty epson R265 with out problems

  birdface 16:44 29 Nov 2011

Unfortunately your click here does not work for me.

You get office removal tools nowadays which should remove it ,Then just a case of reinstalling it.

  Batch 16:46 29 Nov 2011

IMHO, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Or another way of looking at it, is there anything that you particularly find lacking about XP (and that W7 addresses)?

I have 3 PCs all on XP and see no good reason for me to change. XP is supported (e.g. security fixes) until April 2014 (see MS Support Lifecycle) anyhow. So as long as my hardware lasts (and I don't need a performance upgrade, which might mean purchasing a new PC bundled with W7), I'll stick with XP.

  rawprawn 17:02 29 Nov 2011

buteman is quite right Office Removal Kit

Have a look at this, you don't say which version but from your post I thought this might be applicable.

  robin_x 17:46 29 Nov 2011
  birdface 19:01 29 Nov 2011

Did you ever run the AVG removal tool.

And if you have windows Automatic updates set automatic turn it off in case it is downloading wrong updates for office.

Usually the 2nd tuesday of every month for updates so best installing them manually.

  stlucia2 20:48 29 Nov 2011

Thanks for the replies. So far as XP goes, I'm happy with it but just wondered whether, since it looked like I'd have to do a reformat and reinstall anyway, I might benefit by going to 7. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" sounds good to me if only I can get over the problem I'm having with MS Office. If that's the case, I'll stick with XP until it's no longer supported.

So, I tried Office Removal Kit, and it removed some files. But since it's 2003 and my MS Office is 2010, it didn't remove my Office. But a bit more Googling and I found MS Fixit 50450, which seems to have done the job. So at the moment I've just re-downloaded Office Home & Student from the MS web site, and it seems to have installed successfully.

The big test will come when I download and install AVG Free again, which was previously clashing with my (presumably) corrupted Office installation, such that Office wouldn't work while AVG (or Avast for that matter) were installed on the PC.

  stlucia2 21:56 29 Nov 2011

Ok, so now I can uninstall and reinstall MS Office, which I wasn't able to do 6 weeks ago.

So then I downloaded and installed AVG 2012 Free, and updated its database; and Excel and Word still appeared to work correctly. But after I re-booted my PC (a re-boot hadn't been part of the AVG installation), Excel and Word no longer worked -- I tried them using my desktop shortcuts, and by going through Start > Programs .... After I've uninstalled AVG again, including a re-boot, Excel and Word are working again.

I've just now installed Avast again, and Excel and Word are still working ...

  stlucia2 22:03 29 Nov 2011

... and are still working, even after a re-boot. Seems like some progress, since they wouldn't work with AVG or Avast before. Let's see how long it lasts.

  Strawballs 04:12 30 Nov 2011

I personally would not buy into a brand new OS until it has had time to iron out the bugs.

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