Windows 7 install on new second SATA drive

  climb45 13:00 06 Nov 2009

I have purchased a new SATA drive so that I can install Windows 7 on a separate drive to my current XP installation. Should I format/partition the new drive using XP before trying to install Windows 7. If I do this I cannot choose C: as the drive letter as this is already allocated to the XP drive. Does this matter?

Also I would like to install the 64 bit version, which my hardware is capable of running. Will there be any problems with dual booting between XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit?

  bluesbrother 13:31 06 Nov 2009

I would format it first then install 7, though remember to use NTFS not Fat.
I have had no problems duel booting XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Installing 7 could not have been easier, it took care of nearly everything without my help.
When you boot into 7, whatever drive it is installed on becomes your C drive.

  Zeppelyn 13:36 06 Nov 2009

Win 7 uses a different version of NTFS to XP so it would be better to boot from the Win 7 DVD (although Win7 can use the old NTFS version without problems)and choose custom install and format the drive there. This way when you boot into Win 7 it will show itself as on Drive C: and XP on D: and the other way around when you boot into XP.

No problems with installing 64 bit Win7 with 32 bit XP.

  Zeppelyn 13:39 06 Nov 2009

"When you boot into 7, whatever drive it is installed on becomes your C drive"

Thats not true if you initiate the install from within XP, It will use the drive letter you assign during format.

  climb45 15:16 06 Nov 2009

Thanks for your prompt and helpful advice. I chose to let Windows 7 format the new drive. It's now installed (a very straightforward process) and both XP and Windows 7 appear to be working well.

  Spark6 15:42 06 Nov 2009

For reference.

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