windows 7 have downloaded and gone for it

  frankie 22:29 24 Jan 2009

install went fine on main pc,had to re enter broadband key,all working fine,on my acer laptop aspire 5630.not a high spec one,but with 3gb ram,down loaded the file from microsoft with proper key,just got round to installing,it updated fine,no probs,had to put in broadband key,but all ok,option to go back to old first imprssions loads ok,works ok,any thing you want me to try let me know and will do,

  BigCam 00:40 25 Jan 2009

Is it a time limited option
Did you have to backup all your stuff or did it load ok without reinstalling your other software /Documents ect
What Feedback to Microsoft options is there
Also could you post any problems you come across

  DieSse 13:26 25 Jan 2009

I suggest you go to the new Windows 7 forum (see list of forums on the left).

  frankie 20:22 25 Jan 2009

hi yes will have a look,thought that was just ad thingy,ideal if solely for windows 7,had today prob with nokia pc suite,but googled prob and solved it,looks like will be lots of forums for this new op system,so thats good,but yes overall no probs,but nothing to say wow about,indeed now using my sons old xp desktop pc as my main one,but like to keep up to date on my laptop,as between you and me my pals think i am a pc whiz,but i post problems on here for answers,sshh,i think you have helped in past yourself,dieSse,and many thanks for that, great site and members,

  MAT ALAN 20:24 25 Jan 2009

Ya secrets up now Frankie boy, give us the money or we gonna grass you up...

  hssutton 21:25 25 Jan 2009

I've been using it since download day, works perfectly on my pc using Photoshop CS4, Lightroom and Spyder monitor calibration software. Time limited to 1st August.

I'm dual booting so have left all my other stuff running on Vista Ultimate, but I guess it's time to use other software as well

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