windows 7 explorer problem

  Bruz 14:47 16 Jan 2011

I use Firefox as my browser but recently BBC Iplayer has stopped working properly when I am on Firefox.
For a long while I used explorer for Iplayer purposes but now all of a sudden I keep getting Zone alarm content that needs to be installed.
sadly whether you install it or ignore it it keeps coming back over and over again, which means it takes an age before you can use explorer.
When in fact you do get Iplayer loaded and try to access a program to download you get the message that you need Adobe flash player 10.1.
Download and install 10.1 and the next time you try to download another program you are again asked to download Adobe flash player 10.1.
Any one got any ideas?
Regards Bruz

  lancer048 18:57 16 Jan 2011

Dear Bruz
The best solution to your problem is to first updates your copy of windows 7 and then install windows explorer 9 beta which is compatible for windows 7. This will surely help you out.
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  birdface 20:51 16 Jan 2011

Ignore Lancer048 it seems that he is spamming a few other threads as well.
I can't really help you with this except that you need both versions of Flash Player.
One for I/E and one for Firefox.
If you only use Firefox make sure you have not downloaded the I/E version instead.
This is the Latest I/E version.
click here
It is just to show you the latest version.

  Bruz 20:55 16 Jan 2011

Thanks for the input, I did as you said and it solved the add on problem but created another one with Adobe flash player 10.1.
Iplayer will not allow a download without it, but when you try to download it it states that there is no flash player 10.1 for IE9.
I will stick to Opera and hope that either the BBC get their act together of Firefox make it possible to use Iplayer with their browser.
Thanks again
Cheers Bruz

  Bruz 20:59 16 Jan 2011

Thanks for that I will get the Flash player 10.1 for firefox.
Again many thanks.
Cheers Bruz

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