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  tallboy 09:42 10 Nov 2009

I will shortly take delivery of a new Eclipse desktop PC with a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional OS. I understand that Win7 does not come with an Email application.

I currently use Outlook Express on a Windows XP system and have numerous different category boxes that I have set up.

What is my best option for Email with Win7 for easy import of the Outlook Express files? Can Outlook Express (or Outlook) be installed on a Win7 system?

All suggestions are welcome.



  rawprawn 09:56 10 Nov 2009

I use Outlook in Office 2007 which is great, but you can use Windows mail if you are prepared to do a bit of work click here

  rawprawn 09:58 10 Nov 2009

Aah, sorry about windows mail, it's for Vista users.

  jonmac 09:59 10 Nov 2009

I've just installed W7 from XP and found that Windows Live Mail, apparently the successor to OE, wouldn't import my OE back-up if the full OE wasn't already on the system! I had to change to Thunderbird (sensible as I already use Firefox) which proved able to import the back-up with no problem.

By the way, did you, like me, have all your software on a C: partition and your data on a D: one. If so that provides another problem worthy of another thread which I'm running at the moment which they don't warn you of. Let me know and I'll direct you to it once I get the chance to update it with the final solution.

  tallboy 10:45 10 Nov 2009

Thanks for the replies rawprawn & jonmac.

My new PC will come partitioned - with the OS and apps on the C: drive and data on subsequent drives. This is also how my current PC is set up.

I also have Office 2007 Home & Student edition which I plan to move to my new PC. I'm surprised to hear (rawprawn) that the Outlook part of it will only work with Vista!

It seems to me that Microsoft have made quite a cock-up with this aspect of Windows 7. Practically everyone who has a PC uses email and not to make it an easy transition from XP or Vista to Win 7 is outrageous.

What about any of the third-party email apps?

  rawprawn 10:58 10 Nov 2009

Sorry you have misunderstood me. Outlook works perfectly well in windows 7, it's the Windows Mail that you can't get because you have XP and not Vista and Windows mail was not in XP.

  jonmac 11:19 10 Nov 2009

Tallboy, so much has happened PC wise this past week that I have just recalled there was slightly more to it than I described although the end result was the same. Live Mail actually appeared to go through an import process. I could see it processing all my complex heirarchy of email folders but at the end of that process...nothing appeared. No folders, no emails. Repeated the process, uninstalled, reinstalled, reimported all to no avail. Downloaded Thunderbird and it allowed me to point directly to the backed-up OE .dbx files and just did the business, no problem.

I misread your post slightly in that you're not doing a clean install from a PC with XP on it like I was so the second paragraph doesn't really apply to you.

Good luck with your new PC though. Windows 7 is certainly a worthwhile step forward from XP.

  Rob_08 11:52 10 Nov 2009

Avoid Live Mail at all costs.. its so bad its beyond words. I cant think of one feature in that email client to recommend it. Use Outlook as stated above or as jonmac says get Thunderbird and save yourself much hair pulling and frustration.

  Simsy 11:56 10 Nov 2009

"Thunderbird", click here , on my Win7 laptop. There is an add-in, (the name of which I forget at the moment but I can trace it when at home), that worked very well at importing all my OutlookExpress emails.



  tallboy 13:59 10 Nov 2009

Thanks for the additional info folks. From what you have all said, I think I'll opt for Thunderbird when the PC arrives.

If you can locate the import add-in Simsy (when you are home) that would be a great help and much appreciated.

  Simsy 14:10 10 Nov 2009



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