Windows 7 disk and serial key given to charity.

  JimmyShnugems 15:00 13 Jan 2014

When I moved house I gave a box of things to Oxfam because I was feeling kind hearted. By mistake my:

Windows 7 install disk, and The serial key(inside box)

were inside said charity box.

Last week my SSD failed and I have to buy a new one. What do I do about windows? I know windows is saved uniquely to my system but this is a new drive.

I built the computer myself, so can't go back to the supplier. I have the receit for windows plus I have the dead drive if any of these things will help?



  JimmyShnugems 15:01 13 Jan 2014

I see I have posted this in wrong forum.

  bumpkin 15:16 13 Jan 2014

You can download Win7 and make another disc (same edition) and use your existing key.

  lotvic 17:02 13 Jan 2014

An install DVD is not the problem as you can download one. The Product Key is the problem if you did not keep a separate note of it.

Was it a Retail or OEM key? and how 'dead' is the ssd drive? It might be possible to retrieve the key from it.

  xania 17:07 13 Jan 2014

I'm not too sure about this. If you've sent the disk and key to a charity, they may well have either sold that on or kept it for themselves. Either way, its probably already installed on another PC now and therefore I would have thought that, if you tried to use the key,it would be illegal. FE may have a view?

  lotvic 17:12 13 Jan 2014

xania, I would think probably the other person will get a 'key already in use' message as it's been activated on OPs hardware/system?

  Ian in Northampton 17:35 13 Jan 2014

bjh.: problem is, charity shops are hardly experts on Windows activation. I picked up a copy of XP Pro still in its box with CoA at a local charity shop for 50p. If it works, great - but I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't... (And anyone who pays more than that for any software from a charity shop needs their head examining... :-) )

  lotvic 17:50 13 Jan 2014

If it's an OEM copy of W7 it will be tied to the motherboard it was activated on.

  Ian in Northampton 18:43 13 Jan 2014

lotvic: I've always believed that - but how come there are so many sellers on eBay selling e.g. Dell-branded operating systems, but claiming that they'll work on any hardware?

  bumpkin 18:54 13 Jan 2014

"Dell-branded operating systems, but claiming that they'll work on any hardware?"

Ian, they should unless they have been previously activated.

  Ian in Northampton 20:37 13 Jan 2014

bumokin, thanks. Interesting. How does that square with lotvic's point? (Fyi, I'm 'aware' of OEM versions of W7 that can be installed on any hardware, multiple times and that are pre-activated.

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