Windows 7 backups

  Splodge 14:30 30 Jul 2011

I already use the Windows 7 backup system but, I do like to see the XP layout displayed on my external drive instead of a meaningless series of files stored by the Windows 7.

I like the Acronis for the XP and wonder if there is a similar backup program for Windows 7.

Suggestions please. Also, I have 2 drives installed on the XP machine so what would happen if I had a 2-drive Windows 7 computer?

  rawprawn 15:39 30 Jul 2011

Whats wrong with using Aconis on Windows 7

  Splodge 15:17 31 Jul 2011

Thanks Rawprawn.

I tried Acronis 11 a year ago. Unfortunately it has a dissimilar layout to Acronis 10 and that rather put me off.

However, I bought Acronis 11 today and, while it shows a similar configuration to the Windows 7 backup, it DOES allow the user to view the individual files.

As I have a spare external drive, I have now got the differing backups on separate external drives.

If you think it was overkill, it is not! My new computer died on me 4 times in the first year and the manufacturer (giving no names) replaced the HD 3 times before I INSISTED (via a letter to the MD that the cause was faulty capacitors on the motherboard. When that was replaced, the HD sprang back to life and I have had no trouble since. (fortunate for them ... I bought another 3 years cover from them!

But your suggestion did make me take another look at Acronis 11 and it is ony £24 so well worth it.

  rawprawn 15:59 31 Jul 2011

I'm glad you are sorted, Acronis is the benchmark for backups in my opinion.

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