Windows 7 Backup anyway to make it smaller?

  AwkwardTurtle 13:46 07 Jun 2015

In light of the windows 10 release later this month i wanted to do a backup on my windows 7 system,just in case things don't go as planned,but the system is telling me i will need 460gig of space to do a backup,this to me seems rather excessive i just need to back up windows 7,not everything on the pc,so is there a way to do this that doesn't require so much space.

  john bunyan 14:20 07 Jun 2015

There are a number of ways. If you have another drive You can copy all your data (not programmes). I use Freefilesynch and do this often. It will use the same as the amount of data, and in my case I have it all on a separate partition. For the system (C:/ drive - Windows & and all other programmes) I recommend a free programme : Macrium Reflect. Make an Image and it will compress the back up. You can even choose a higher compression. If your drive is not partitioned it will still work.

A Link:

Filehippo Macrium

  AwkwardTurtle 14:56 07 Jun 2015

Thank you for the answer,question before i try this,i see from the link that this is a free trail of the software will it still backup what i need without having to buy the software,if i have to buy it to complete the backup i dont think i will bother although it does seem good.

  bumpkin 15:10 07 Jun 2015

Macrium is free (not a trial) It is what I use and simple to do.

  bumpkin 15:14 07 Jun 2015

There is probably an option to chose a trial of a pay for version which you may be looking at. The basic free version is fine.

  AwkwardTurtle 15:26 07 Jun 2015

Yes it does, i have the free version,that i have just installed but it still says i need 360gig to clone or backup the drive and i don't have a drive big enough to do it,i could use DVDs but it would take at least 20+ to copy everything,and i don't have that many,it seems all the programs copy the image of the disk and don't give you options as to what to copy.I really only need the windows 7 files,as if it was a fresh install ,not all the items installed after.

  bumpkin 15:31 07 Jun 2015

*I really only need the windows 7 files,as if it was a fresh install *

Then download an ISO image of win7 which will go on one DVD.

  AwkwardTurtle 15:46 07 Jun 2015

Ok,i can see that what i wanted cannot be done,downloading an ISO file of windows 7 will not help me,and besides i have windows 7 on dvd that i purchased,i really just want to back up the OS before i install windows 10 so i dont have to reformat and install windows 7 again if i dont like wondows 10 or something goes wrong,i dont mind losing all the other apps on the pc as long as i can back up only the OS files nothing more.If the worst comes to the worst i will just have to do a clean install of windows 7 from my dvd.

  bumpkin 15:54 07 Jun 2015

Not really sure what you actually want to do.

  AwkwardTurtle 16:11 07 Jun 2015

Ok i guess i havent explained myself good,sorry, what i need is a backup program that lets me choose what to back up,not one that just clones the hdd or backs up everything without giving you a choice of what to backup,a program that has say tick boxes so you can choose what you want to back up and what you dont that can list individual app,videos,music,pictures, w/e is on the pc,and you can choose to untick that part and copy what is left.

  john bunyan 16:38 07 Jun 2015

I suggest you partition the drive, and keep all your self generated data on the"Data" partition. The main C Partition will then be unlikely to be more than about 80 Gig so you could use Macrium just for that, as the data partition could be used on Windows 10. I bought a 1Tb portable HD last week at £50 ! Years ago a 1 Gig Jazz drive cost £60 !! I would try to get something like it.

There is no way of segregating the W7 from the other installed programmes that I know of, but I am in strong favour of separating data.

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