Windows 7 64-bit graphics start-up problems

  tallboy 09:57 07 Feb 2013

Periodically, when I start up my PC I have white bars across the log-in screen. When I try to re-start it, more often than not, I get rows of =========== all over the screen including over the MS DOS start-up text.

After several attempts to start the PC, if it does start up it can run for a while and then white bars appear again, usually this time with lots of small white squares as well. This is usually followed a few seconds later by the screen becoming a mass of tiny coloured squares.

Is the problem caused by a virus or malware? I regularly run Super Antispyware professional and Kaspersky One is running all the time.

How do I fix it?

On a separate post regarding failure to connect to the System Notification Service after running 'netsh winsock reset' in Safe Mode (reply courtesy of Jock1e) the graphics problem hasn't shown up. (So far). Are the two problems connected? (The problem hasn't shown up in Safe Mode.)

Solutions gratefully received.

  johndrew 10:25 07 Feb 2013

You could have bad contact between your graphics card(s) and motherboard. I suggest you disconnect from the mains supply. open your PC and remove/refit the card(s).

If this fails it may be the graphics driver either broken or needing upgrading.

  tallboy 12:25 07 Feb 2013

Thanks for the quick response johndrew. I removed / replaced (after cleaning the contacts) the graphics card a few weeks ago for a different problem, so I doubt if it was that. However, it could be the card's driver. I'll endeavour to get an update for that.

Interestingly, since I posted my earlier request for help, the problem occurred again - this time in SAFE MODE as well. I continued in SAFE MODE, started up the Command window, entered 'netsh winsock reset' and after restarting the PC (following a successful restart of winsock) the problem went away again.

I can't see a connecting between the graphics functions & winsock ( but may be there is). However all is working OK at present. (I'm posting this message from said PC.)

  johndrew 15:46 07 Feb 2013

The type of display you indicate is often associated with graphics card memory becoming corrupted during loading of a screen. This can be caused by either bad contacts or drivers. The only other cause I know of is a failing card unless there is a fault with the screen or its cable - these are less likely.

Was the problem present before you removed the graphics card a few weeks ago and did you ensure antistatic safety when this was done? When you refitted the card did you ensure the contact surfaces were clean - a wipe with a clean tissue even?

It is not unusual for a restart to clear this type of problem temporarily if good contact is in a marginal state or the memory has become 'confused' during boot.

  tallboy 20:22 07 Feb 2013

Thanks for your comments johndrew. No, the problem wasn't present before I removed the graphics card and yes, I did use an anti-static earthed wrist strap.

Since my earlier post I switched the PC off. When I booted up this time, Windows automatically scheduled a disk check (presumably this checks all the disk sectors at the lowest level) which it does periodically. It threw up loads of errors - which it subsequently corrected. The problem could therefore simply be caused by the PC writing to some bad disk sectors.

Only time will tell. If it doesn't re-occur in the next 2-3 days, I'll assume that this was the cause of the problem. If it does re-occur, I'll go down the road of installing a more up-to-date graphics driver and (if need be) taking out the graphics cards again and re-cleaning the gold contacts.

  triustech12 21:43 07 Feb 2013

It's may be the bad connection between graphic and motherboard.

  tallboy 09:06 08 Feb 2013

You could well be right triustech12. If it happens again, I'll take out the graphics card, clean the edge connectors and re-insert it in the motherboard.

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