Windows 7?

  mike1664 16:54 09 May 2011

Ok was just about to buy my new PC from put it altogether and about to buy but would i be better off getting it without operating system and installing vista 64bit has i still have the installation disc. Is windows 7 worth getting or shall i save the money and get a better GFX card or CPU?

  Taff™ 17:13 09 May 2011

It depends if the Vista Licence will work on a new rig. It is probably a single licence and will be "Tied" to your old system if you used it on that. Very doubtful it will work but someone might tell me different.

  chub_tor 17:21 09 May 2011

If the Vista installation disc is an OEM version then no you cannot put it on your new machine. However if it is a full or upgrade version then you can do it provided that it has been uninstalled from your old machine.

  onthelimit1 17:27 09 May 2011

Why would anyone want to keep Vista? XP I could understand, but Vista?

  onthelimit1 17:30 09 May 2011

As a thought, you could put Vista on (allowing for the provisos from chub_tor) then do an upgrade to W7 - much cheaper than the full system Amazon here

  onthelimit1 17:31 09 May 2011

Sorry - still having trouble with the links - I'll try again link text

  lotvic 17:34 09 May 2011

I saw that W7 will cost £90 from them, only you can decide if having latest OS on shiny new disks is worth it to you. Check with them if it is Retail or OEM. If it is Retail W7 then I would get it, (that's just my opinion if it was me having to decide)

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