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  March Wind 05:31 05 Nov 2010

I put a disk in as it was telling me it had important messages to write to so I put my disk in. Can't remember what it said but IT WAS A RED LINE NOT GREEN. I had to back up or restore my files. I backed up. Never done this before so I don't know if they are on my disk or not and it is saying I can restore my files that has been backed up but I have to a) RESTORE ALL USERS FILES
b) SELECT A NOTHER BACKUP TO RESTORE FILE What do I do? have I lost anything can I just carry on as if nothing has happened? Do you know of a class that can help me with this sort of thing I am on this all the time trying to do simple things and it is takeing me hours and hoursd to do it, then one problem leads to another, I am feeling so down with it,

Thu, 04/11/[email protected]:49

Can you tell us what the message said, and where it came from? What disc did it ask you to put in?

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Fri, 05/11/[email protected]:52

Under Windows 7, now and then I get a message come up in the right bottom corner, saying important message. It is something to do if the PC goes wrong, then I can go back to that time and date.

I click on the message, it should put the info on the disk, but a red line came up as if it was urgent, not the green line when it is doing something or writing to disk.

I put a RW disk in. It said (Back Up or Restore Your files), Back Up location DVDRAM It said (E) I think might have been the drive. Contents (File in Libraries and personal folders for all) users). It tells me (You can restore your files that were backed up on the current Location)
I am wondering have I lost or taken off anything on the PC as it said I can restore All User Files or Select another backup to restore, Both had a shield next to the message. The shield is blue and yellow

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