Windows 7

I am not at all clear about all this talk of Windows 7.Is Windows 7 an Operating System and if so does it supercede Win XP and Vista? I run WinXP Home with IE8 at present.If I fork out the money for Win7 will I see any noticeable improvement?Sorry if I seem rather thick but I am an OAP although that is no real excuse.

  lotvic 13:58 20 Oct 2009

It is a new Operating System, you do not need to get it if you are quite happy with XP Home.

I will be staying with my XP Operating System on this pc.

I never bothered getting Vista.

You can read more about it on the Windows 7 forum on here. Click on the link in the left pane or click here

  ol blueeyes 14:06 20 Oct 2009


What ""lotvic"" says is perfectly correct, but never apologise for being an OAP, be like me an OAP and Proud of it. We worked hard all our lives and now deserve the benefits of our labours.

  Bapou 16:09 20 Oct 2009

Microsoft's support for XP is due to run out approx 2014, if you are happy with XP then think about changing to whatever Windows OS is due then.

Radio Newcastle yesterday had someone known as the Geordie Geek on discussing Windows 7. His opinion came across to me as, MS got it wrong with Vista and now iron out a few kinks with Windows 7. There was no advise to make the great leap forward from XP to 7. In fact he never mentioned XP at all.

XP might see me out anyway.

ol blueeyes,Yes I am quite proud to have made it so far but I was just stating what many people think when they see `Oh,he`s only an oldie`.

  Bapou 17:43 20 Oct 2009

I'm a member of a local computer club. Membership 65, only one falls into the category of 'in gainfull employment'. The rest of us are well beyond retirement age, the eldest being 86 years young.

Our 14 year old grandson reckons he knows more about computing than me. He does but I've got him worried!

These days we 'oldies' may soon outnumber the teenage geeks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 20 Oct 2009

Older And Prouder
Only Arthritis Produces typing errors

Where computers are concerned the older generation know more because we went through all the basics (ZX Spectrum, Acorn, Commodore etc.)

Your machine will still do all the things you want it to do with XP you do not need to buy another operating system.
I still using machines running DOS5 at work as the old programs will not work in any form of Windows.

  morddwyd 20:39 20 Oct 2009

Stick with XP - there are better things to spend your money on.

I am running two copies of Win 7, and have left XP on my laptop (I'm a technophile!) the laptop is a bit older and slower like me, but there is no really difference in the operating system per se.

The bells and whistles are a bit brighter and louder is all.

  malgall 20:59 20 Oct 2009

i agree i have vista on a laptop and have found vista to be good
my desktop uses xp and if i do upgrade
it will be in about a year when every things sorted

  User-312386 21:59 20 Oct 2009

I have now been beta testing Windows 7 for 8 months now and i must admit it is by far the best incarnation of windows yet. Boot time fast - Compatibilty mode works a treat and if you were fast enough you could have picked a full edition up for £70

I now see the OEM versions are starting to be sold!

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