Windows 7

  Splodge 12:59 14 Jan 2009

I have successfully installed the beta after some problems but here are my initial thoughts.

My attempts to install oner my Xp twice failed. After part of the installation went OK, the display began to rapidly scroll down and arrows point downwards also appeared and the display became very faint. I tried that twice with different Windows 7 downloads, one from the UK site and the other from the US; for some reason they were different sizes, but both worked to the same point.

A complete format of the drive and it went sweetly! This is posted from that drive.

However, I had trouble installing the program onto a dvd using my version of Nero. Fortunately I have Power ISO because it has to be an ISO file and that worked.

You cannot use the repair option on XP. You can on Vista which means you will not have to re-install everything but it does save XP files in an accessable file, if you can get past the scrolling!

I tried Vista beta when it first came out and hated it! See my earlier postings. This I love, I am having some problems with outdated programs but that has to be expected.

Access to everything appears quite easy, Control Panel for example. and, in a new computer I would go with it without a qualm. Meanwhile I am going to remove the drive and revert to XP.

I think Microsoft may be missing a trick by not allowing the Repair function on XP but I suspect they may have to change their minds if they do not want a Vista fiasco to hit them again!

Hope this helps, I am retired so have plenty of time to play with it but even so busier people would not find it too difficult!

  Fingees 13:09 14 Jan 2009

I have also installed it, over Vista home premium.

It gives me Windows 7 Ultimate.

Had a slight hiccup at first, when a nasty got onto the computer at sometime during the set up, but now OK.

So far, as my old settings etc, are still being used, I haven't noticed a great deal of difference. Just a couple of small snags, otherwise OK.

  Splodge 13:15 14 Jan 2009


Yes, mine shows as ultimate and thanks for the confirmation about installing over Vista is ok.

But do you like it and prefer it?

  MAJ 13:17 14 Jan 2009

I'm dual booting it with Vista on my laptop. no problems whatsoever installing it, in fact I couldn't believe how quickly it installed (about 15 - 20 minutes I think, I was watching TV at the time). I didn't have any driver issues and internet was picked up straight away. I like it so far, but I haven't had much time to play with it yet.

  Splodge 13:19 14 Jan 2009


Yes, mine shows as ultimate and thanks for the confirmation about installing over Vista is ok.

But do you like it and prefer it?

  Fingees 13:37 14 Jan 2009

AAs I say, I haven't had time to assess it yet.

Give it a week or two, to see how it goes.

One small irritation is, although it recognises my wireless mouse, and all the set up things are there, it won't scroll with the mouse wheel.

  Splodge 14:56 14 Jan 2009

I have a Microsoft wireless mouse and mine did!

Perhaps you need to reinstall yours!

  Splodge 20:55 15 Jan 2009

I have done more testing today. I do like its easy handling, much like Xp but an improvement on it.

But... Microsoft are up to their old tricks and, as Vista, it might come back to bite them.

It does not recognise my Hauppauge WinTV, either in its XP configuration or its Vista installation. The Microsoft 6000 web-cam is also declared unusable even though it is a late model, but only suitable for XP! Their Windows Live-care does not work either, although I know they are phasing it out this year!

I have literally dozens of programs on my computer, asembled over several years, not yet tested on Windows 7. I suspect many will not work! But I use them and I like them! How many more will I have to replace, at additional cost I shuddet to think,

They have declared that this version, with minor tweaks, will be the final one. There will probably be lots of other progams which will not work! I do not see me or many like me purchasing Windows 7 unless our computers break down and are forced to upgrade.

Whereas, if I could transport my programs, used in XP, I would definitely spend my cash buying it. As before, when Vista was new, I worked around it then and I would now, even to the extent of replacing broken bits of my current computer!

In this cash-strapped period they should realise that it is a poor time to launch this new product even though it may be a necessity to maintain their profits. They would have much better sales if they would accept current circumstances and ensure that upgraders have minimum other costs by allowing them to use their old programs.

  bluto1 21:32 15 Jan 2009

Thanks for the information you've given us about 7. I'm still on XP and heading towards a new PC, which may most likely have Vista on board along with it's attendant problems re hardware compatability, so I've now got to balance things. Do I upgrade to Vista, or wait until 7 is fully released? It's good to hear that 7 handles like XP but better, so I might as well wait. Thanks again for the info, and I'd certainly appreciate any further updates from you.

  Splodge 21:51 15 Jan 2009

If you have to buy a new computer, I would go with Vista unless you have lots of programs as I do.

Windows 7 is designed to be compatable with Vista but not with XP!

As some posts have said, they put Windows 7 on top of Vista and most programs work. XP does not.. imposing Windows 7 on top of that and the XP files are put into a single folder which you can still access but not run.

Just as when Vista came out, it took a while for new usable programs to appear.

  Fingees 22:39 15 Jan 2009


I run haupauge TV with no problem.
In fact windows 7 updated the drivers etc, and it's better than it has ever been.

All the best.

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